Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

Extra! Extra! Read All About It! BREAKING NEWS! 

Titch IS A GIRL!!!! You read it here first, That’s right Titch is a girl!!!

I had Titch on my lap yesterday evening giving her a cuddle and as she was calm and comfy I thought I would check to see which sex she was now that she has grown quite a bit and I saw her bits I thought….nope your a girl. It was so clear and easy to see. Seems Hubby was mistaken and was a little put out at having to live with 2 girls. I’m afraid I roared with Laughter as He replied with “So I’m Living with 2 girls” When I told him and I replied “I’m afraid so!”

So there we have it Titch is a girl and we don’t care, it really doesn’t matter as a home is forever at our House. I always had my doubts on Titch being a boy…..Speedy played a big trick on his dad with this one!

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