Titch progress report

 I know it’s Sunday Selfies day but its been a funny old week. We had a heat wave which finally broke Friday….still it has been warm the last couple of days. And we have a cold front moving in on Monday night so the temps will drop from the low 70’s to around 66 to 68 deg with rain so not so nice.

We found out for Certain that Titch is a girl which in its self isn’t a problem just means she will have to be spayed which costs more than a boys neuter. Its £80.00 pounds for a male rabbit to be neutered as a opposed to £120.00 pounds for a female rabbit to be spayed. But there is plenty of time to save the money as we will wait until she is at least 6 months old if not a little bit more.

I weighed her a couple of weeks ago at 911 grams well I didn’t get round to weighing her until yesterday and she is now 1050 grams which meant the I had to loosen the fitting of her harness a bit.

As for her harness training well that is going very well. If we go somewhere there are a lot of wild bunnies Titch is much more relaxed, but if we go somewhere with no bunnies she is just a bit more wary…not scared but just a bit more wary. I’m expecting that to lesson the more she goes out and gets use to it but even if she is a little wary at times you can still see she is enjoying the space and freedom of running and leaping about where she pleases.

She met her nanna and grandad today for the first time and showed them how nosey she is which was fun to see. And this week we found out that Titch is a proper Houdini even more so than her predecessors and she has a thing about my plants so fencing is on order to protect my potted plants…I’m not bothered about my veg garden just all the other stuff. Titch is quite happy sneaking of upstairs to explore or going off to the lounge which is not good as it isn’t that rabbit proofed and she can get in everywhere!

8 responses

  1. Mew mew mew Titch whatcha doin inn Aunty’ss flowerss an potss??? You DUE need to bee Houdin-proofed fore sure!
    Well dun gainin weight. You look mahveeluss dahlin Bummy Couzin 🙂
    **purrss** an ~~head rubss~~Couzin BellaDharma~~ an ❤ an {{huggiess}} LadyMew

  2. I wouldn’t have thought she would feel safer with other bunnies there but it makes complete sense. You are a growing up little girl. My goodness, what a sum to pay to spay a girl bunny. Katie Isabella

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