Sunday Selfies With Titch

“Giggles” Its Me Titch with you today.Mummy said I needed to do a Selfie post and I was like Oh Mum can’t we finish my cuddles 1st?….

So here are my short curly whiskers for you to see and my cute Booplesnoot! Mummy got me a new toy yesterday,I do like it and I love playing in it and zooming through it.But mummy hasn’t managed to film me doing that yet…I’m to quick for her “Giggles”

A little up date from Mummy:

Titch will be 11 weeks old this coming Tuesday so I decided to weigh Titch this morning and she is now at 1135 grams. Her weight gain has slowed the last couple of weeks because we had a lot of hot weather so she wasn’t eating as much all though with the cooler days that we are now having she is eating more again. That hasn’t stopped her growing though, her back legs and rear end are getting longer and bigger and she now has little tiny teats on each side of her tummy. She also is getting a tiny dewlap as well. Titch is growing into a little lady….My Little Miss Titch.

Titch’s character is really coming out now too. She has character traits that my Angel Lop Caramel had, He would give kisses, love his cuddles but he was feisty, he would thump his thumpers if he was ignored, climb up your legs and dig at your ankles and was brave….all things Titch is and does. She also has Character traits that My Angel Speedy, She is as adventuress as Speedy, she has this curiosity and nosiness and gets into everything, is relaxed about using the harness and going on adventures. Titch wraps this all up into her own female way. She comes to the fridge when we open the door…She knows where the greens are! And she like going in and out of things so I brought her a tunnel, she loves it she goes in and out sticks her head out of the hole, She used it right away as soon as I put it down, Speedy never liked tunnels for some reason…..She is a Real Diva….Feisty and lovable Nosy and cheeky all into one adorable goofball….I know we are in for an adventure With Titch!

8 responses

  1. Lady Diva Titch….sure has a nice sound to it Titch!!
    Mee iss a Kitty Diva Couzin….maybee wee shuud start a Diva Club???
    You have grown so much an look speck-taculur!!
    An yore tunnel lookss liek fun!
    ***purrss*** Couzin BellaDharma an ❤ Aunty LadyMew

  2. Congratulations on your Titch. She is beautiful and sounds like a wonderful combination of two of your past loves. As long as I have prey-driven dogs (i.e. schnauzers and daschunds mixes) I could never have a bunny.

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