Sunday Selfies With Titch

Its been a week since we last posted but we haven’t been up to much as we have had some pretty awful weather but I thought We should Get Titch to do Sunday Selfies at the very least and Fill you in on how she is doing.

She looks like the Queen of her castle sat on her box like this, and I suppose she is after all she is already in charge.

She likes to lie right by my feet for some reason and has to be touching them too. Titch will be 12 weeks old on Tuesday and she is becoming an adolescent. After getting her litter trained that has gone out of the window, her hormones are rushing around her and she is marking everywhere in her play area especially in Speedy’s old tent so I had to wash it and got her a pop up cube with another tunnel to play with. Her litter tray has had to be moved to the other side of her pen because she was peeing all over her blanket and the tent. The hope is she will start using the litter box again, which she has a bit but not completely. 

She has also started building a nest in her box in her pen up stairs, she hasn’t pulled her fur so thankfully no phantom pregnancy. Being female they mature about 4 weeks earlier then males so can in theory they can get pregnant at 12 weeks. but we have to wait till she is bigger before Spaying her so we just have to bare with her hormones for a couple more months at least. And hope that her behavior doesn’t change to much in the mean time. I’m going to weigh her on Tuesday as she will be 12 weeks old but you can see by the bottom photo how much she has grown because My feet aren’t exactly small.

She still loves to be cuddled all the time but she definitely has stroppy moments if she feels she’s not getting enough attention, oh and she knows the fridge means food as she comes over when we open it….she’s a smart cookie that one


4 responses

  1. Cookie?? Did you mee-yow cookie Aunty Rachel???
    Titch sure HAS grown an shee iss lovelee.
    Wee hope shee can bee spayed soon to stop her hore-moanss from beein so cray-cray!
    You are a *STAR* Aunty an Unkell two. Titch iss lucky to been ‘dopted bye youss’!
    ***purrss*** Couzin BellaDahrma an ((huggiess)) LadyMew

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