Its a funny old life

Gosh its been a few weeks since I last Posted and well I have learnt it is a funny old life! I’ve grown again when I got weighed in the week I was 1.542kg! Mum is moaning I’m getting to heavy to carry around in her arms all the time….But she still does it “giggles”

I got to have my first proper adventure at the beach….

And had lots of fun digging holes in the sand….

Mum’s wild bird pal Bird the Jackdaw still comes to visit, funny old bird! And the Hedgehogs which are these spikey creatures that look cute in a strange way and are grumpy by nature have come back after being absent for a few weeks. Mum said there are 2 big fat adults and at least one juvenile, one of which has taken up residence in one of the nest boxes so its busy here feeding the 500….well that’s what mum says. Anyway I am still figuring out how I want to do things so please forgive me for being a bit hit and miss here in Blogville.

Anyway until next time this is Titch signing out!

5 responses

  1. Mee-yow Couzin Twitch yore lookin mitey cute there!! An gainin guud weight! And enjoyin THE Beech!! Furabuluss!!!!
    Glad Bird iss around an Hedgeyss’ are back two!!
    Mew mew mew feedin THE 500!! BellaSita said it feelss like that here with @ Chipmunkss an 2 wild Bunniess an 3 squirrelss an a Bazillion Birdiess!!!
    Hope efurryone there iss doin well….
    ***purrss*** an ~~head rubss~~Couzin BellaDharma~~an {{{hugss}} BellaSita

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