Sunday Selfies With Me Little Miss Titch

 Hello Blogville! Its been a few days since my spooky adventures. I hope they didn’t scare you too much!

Anyway Yesterday I have another historic adventure, I got to go for a run around the lands of Buckland Abbey. Its not far from my home so an easy trip to do. Unfortunately Being a rabbit I’m not allowed to explore in the house so if there are Spooky residents I can’t tell you but the views are amazing and the grounds are extensive so at least I got to stretch my paws….

The Abbey was founded in 1278 as a Cistercian Abbey by Amicia Countess of Devon then later after King Henry the 8th dissolved the monasteries after getting upset with the Pope in Rome and the Catholic Church. It seems that was a bit of a scandal as he wanted a divorce and they wouldn’t give him one. King Henry the 8th sold it to Sir Richard Grenville the Younger who started the conversion to a stately home. It was the sold to Sir Francis Drake where it remained in the family for years till eventually being given to Captain Richard Owen Tapps Gervis Meyrick by The Dowager Lady Seaton, Born Elisabeth Fuller-Elliot-Drake who then sold it to Captain Arthur Rodd who then gave it to the National Trust in 1947

Well I never who would have thought that a king could be scandalous? Not me I can tell you! 

                               xoxo Little Miss Titch

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