Full Update on Little Miss Titch’s Spay

So I thought you would all like to know how Little Miss Titch’s Spay went yesterday and how she is now.

It generally went well till it was time to pick her up from the vets. When we got there we had to go back home because she had developed swelling next to the stitches and the vet need to take a look and he was doing some emergency surgery on someone else’s pet. when we got the call to pick her up again we was give a med pack of gut stimulant, painkiller and critical care food and a booking for a early post op check this morning due to the swelling.

I kept waking up every couple of hours to make sure she was eating. she would only eat her greens and a little bit of hay. so not huge amounts she also drank a little water but not much so I would bring her down and syringe her water and to give her a dose of gut stimulant, just 1 dose that evening. I also gave her a small amount of painkiller to top up what they gave her in the middle of the night. I wasn’t meant to but she was in discomfort and sat hunched which is a sign of pain and if she is in pain she won’t eat.

She had cuddles from me and she did poop and she did a pee…on me I might add, I don’t mind its not her fault I’m just glad she did the pee. This morning she had her gut stimulant and some water from a syringe and a cuddle in bed. her dad gave her a piece of banana which she scoffed down…good that she is showing an interest in her favorite treats. Then at my breakfast I gave her a full dose of her painkliiler and syringed some more water and some critical care food….just to top her food up and keep her gut moving. She has also had some fresh greens as well not all of it about a 3rd but she does keep going back to nibble a bit more.

Then she had a little snooze only to pee on her blanket and her self so I had to spot clean her and dry her off, we don’t want pee getting on her wound site. She groomed her self a bit and she is lying more comfortably and moving around a little bit too. This is all good. I can her eating some more greens and her apple…. Good progress….

I will let you all know how her post op check went later on today 


2 responses

  1. Guud Greef Aunty Rachel you must bee havin ‘kitty fitss’ tryin to make Couzin Titch comfy! This SPAY surgery iss no fun at all…mee can reememburr mine. Mee did not have a “YOU” to care fore me tho’. With your attention an love Titch will recovvurr well.
    Couzin Titch just eat an rest an pee an poop (maybee not so much on Aunty) butt due yore best. You an Aunty ‘got this’!
    ***paw*** kissess an POTP, Couzin BellaDharma an ❤ an purrayerss Aunty BellaSita

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