Post op check at the vets

The vet said the swelling is going down and the area is looking good. He wasn’t happy about the lack of tummy noises….well he said there wasn’t enough but I did say that I would give her more critical care food and her meds when required. I said the main thing is she is in more pain than I would like which is making it harder to get her to eat and that I gave her a small dose of painkiller at midnight as she was hunched over, the vet said that was ok and she could have up to 10kg dog dose if needed so after getting her 7kg dog dose this morning she will get another 3kg dog dose tonight just to top her up and keep her more comfortable. The 10kg dog dose seems to be doing the job as she is much brighter this afternoon and eating a lot more on her own. Down side is I have had to move her cube tent and put another litter tray down as she keeps peeing in that area ….What ever she needs right?

So we will see where she ends up wanting to do her toileting and will adjust when the time is right. Titch does need to go back for a final check next week at the vets But looks like she is bouncing back to her normal self….all good news


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    • Not so much with rabbits if they are in pain they don’t eat or drink, they just sit in a hunched position. So if they don’t eat the gut shuts down and they go in to GI stasis and if you can’t get the gut going then everything else shuts down and they die. So pain relief is really important. But Titch is now eating her pellets now so she is on the mend now xx Rachel

  1. Couzin Titch pleese eat an drink watur an rest an reepeet. THE day aftur iss all wayss so diffycult. Aunty Rachel you are doing great nursin mee Couzin….wee 4 leggedss can bee hard werk can’t wee???
    ~~head rubss~~Couzin BellaDharma~~ an ❤ an {{huggiess}} Aunty BellaSita

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