Little Miss Titch’s Spay recovery

 Well it Sunday and 6 days after her surgery for her spay. I guess by now you are all wondering how she is? After peeing on me in the morning on the first 2 days because she was holding it in all night, she is absolutely fine, pretty much back to normal. All the swelling has gone, the bruising is fading nicely and today I am starting to reduce her painkiller dosage from 10kg dog dose to getting her back to 7kg dog dose per day, this morning she had 5kg and she will 3kg dog dose and she will get this for a couple of days before going back to 7kg dog dose and then may be we will drop it down a bit more next weekend and gradually wean her off it completely over the next couple of weeks. 

We don’t want her jumping about yet so it a balance of keeping her comfortable but not to comfortable that she over does things and hurts herself. We want her to limit herself because she realizes she’s making herself sore rather than me having to force her to limit her by locking her up and making her moody and angry. So far its working she runs about doing zoomies first thing in the morning for a couple of hours and then she rests up until the afternoon only getting up to eat ,drink and go potty oh and coming out to ask for cuddles.

As for her behavioral issues from before the Spay well she has reverted back to her carefree self. No more holding her toilet needs all night to keep everything clean to build nests. she is back to going toilet in her litter trays and no more nest building and no more pulling her fur out which she was doing about a week before her spay. She’s so far stopped trying to hump our feet and she has so far stopped growling at us when we go to clean her litter trays out too. And she is back to eating lots to which she wasn’t very much due to wanting to build nests all the time. The last couple of weeks before her spay Titch was just eating enough to live but not to grow she had stopped gaining weight and if anything she was losing weight from the stress of her hormones. It’s so good to see her not stressed anymore. Of course some of this might change when she is fully recovered from the surgery but so far it looks like the hormonal behavior has stopped and way her she is having a little rest after her zoomies this morning

We’re keeping her inside because she has a bald belly and the temperature is colder out side and its wet too, and we don’t want her to over do it. She does look to go outside but she just shrugs and goes around the kitchen and back to her play pen. It will be nice to see her going out and taking her on adventures again.

Little Miss Titch says its time for her to grow big and strong!


5 responses

  1. Mee-yow wow you sure went thru alot Aunty an Unkell with Couzin iss not easy to bee a lady Bunny iss it??
    Wee both reeleeved yore on THE mend Titch. Pleese do not overdue thingss an get lotss off guud nomss an rest Okay???
    An from what you shared Aunty Rachel wee FURRY happy Titch iss calmer an not all horr-moany!
    ~~head rubss~~an **purrss** Couzin BellaDharma an ❤ an {{huggiess}} Aunty BellaSita

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