Wrestling with the Holiday season

 Sorry we have been AWOL but we have had a lot to think about with the up coming Holiday Season and Christmas and whether or not we would be doing Speedy’s Christmas and Holiday Count down this year. The Count Down was Speedy’s thing and This year I just don’t feel I have it in me to do it without him, its to painful and so many of his Buddys have gone and crossed the RainBow Bridge this year especially in the last couple of months that it just won’t be the same. So this year we are doing something more personal after all this will be Little Miss Titch’s FIRST CHRISTMAS……Can you believe it?

Little Miss Titch is Coming up 6 months old this week and She will be celebrating her first Christmas, So this year the Seasons Build up to Christmas will be all about her Experiences and adventures, about her Experiencing this wonderful time for the first time. I know some of you will be disappointed but it’s only fair for her to experience this without any pressure. We will share all of it with you so there will be lots of Christmasy stuff to post and we will reshare some of Speedy’s Memories of the season too…

And I have so sort out a Christmas outfit for Titch as Speedy’s Sweater is to big and to be fair its his and this year maybe a real tree for us too….we will see.


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