Christmas plans for one Little Miss Titch

 Well this year we have some new Christmas trees one is a new 7ft fake that I acquired which is in the lounge but I also decided I wanted a real tree this year so I found a nice characterful Nordmann fir and had it lodging in the garden in a bucket of water…..The Storm Arwen hit us Friday and it did matter how much I secured the tree Nordmann was going to get recked so Nordmann entered the Building Friday afternoon.

Both trees are nearly Decorated. I also acquired a new set of lights….its a huge set which is enough to do both trees so that is what I did. The rest of the house will get done for next weekend and don’t worry we will do a big reveal when its all done.

So as its Sunday and its been a while since we did a Sunday Selfie so here she is……

It’s time for some Little Miss Titch’s Kisses!


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