Adventures with Little Miss Titch you haven’t seen

 Hello Blogville! Its your one and only Little Miss Titch with my tantalizing Christmas adventures you haven’t seen yet! Mummy has been taking me on some Christmassy adventures, I just haven’t gotten round to sharing them with you all. So today I am sharing Endsleigh garden center with you!

 How Pretty is that? and there was just to much to take photos of so these were the best bits!

On the news front about me I am back to eating all my foods now including my pellets so Mummy and Daddy are very Happy!

XOXO Little Miss Titch


3 responses

  1. HURRAH!! Wee so reeleeved you are eatin yore pelletss an are feelin guud again Couzin Titch! Mee iss still not well with stew-pid Colitis. An mee Probiotic has NOT arrived from THE Vet yet…mee iss not a happy cat!
    Yore trip to Endslay was amazin!! So many Catmess treess an so many ornymentss!! Wee LOVE THE white fireplace with THE Deer picture…it iss so ellygant!!!!
    **nose kissess** Couzin BellaDharma an {{huggiess}} BellaSita Mum

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