It been a while but I’m still here your one and only Little Miss Titch

 Hi Guys and Gals, Its your one and only Little Miss Titch! And Yes I am still here with all the Gossip from my corner of the world. To start Mummy had her 50th Birthday last month and because the next day was lovely we went to visit King Arthur Himself at Tintagel…

It was a bit chilly but I had so much fun with Mummy. We also visit some Churches during our sabbatical….

These windows date back 600 years in this church, only inside photos for this one but the church its self dates to the 1100’s

Now I’m guessing you want an update on Bird (Jack) the Jackdaw well Mummy ended up catching him because he started pulling out the feathers on his right wing and had 4 storms about to start rolling in which would have been bad for Bird(Jack), she thought he might have a mite problem when he started with the other wing so He took a trip to the vets. He’s had treatment for mites and is currently staying with one of the nurses that works at the vets, She lives near us and is giving updates to us. She has the space and enclosures to keep him safe while he recovers. Anyway he has stopped pulling his feathers out so the Mite treatment has worked and now has to regrow his feathers which will be the summer. She said he’s quite tame and calls to her when she is in the garden and she calls him Jack. Well he’s always been quite tame anyway so no surprise there but as long as his feathers grow back properly we will have him back for release in the summer. When we get Updates we will pass them on. 

Mummy Said the a Hedgehog called Hogmight has been visiting for some food the last few weeks while he fattens up for his summer adventures chasing the girls. Apparently  he does this every year since mummy over wintered him a few years back so that is good news. She just waiting for the others to turn up again.

Well that’s all the Gossip for now xoxo Little Miss Titch

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  1. Welcome back Titch and happy belated wishes to your mum! What a great adventure you guys took. Old churches and cemeteries are fascinating and your photos are fabulous. Keep us posted on Bird. Bet he’s very appreciative of getting rid of those pecky mites. Well done on helping him out. Hugs and tail wags from all of us at the Ranch.

  2. Mee-yow wow what a kewl outin with Aunty Rachel (Happy Birfday Aunty!) an Unkell Nick to see King Arthur at Tintygal….
    So many furabuluss Churchess an beeuteefull windowss. An THE Cemmytaryss are lovelee two….sumthin so peecefull an wistyfull ’bout them.
    HURRAH fore Bird aka Jack!!! Wee SO happy hee ISS reecovurrin an no more ucky Mitess!!! Thanx Miss Nurse-Down-THE-Road!!!
    Wishin efurryone there a BUN-DERFULL week 😉
    ~~head rubss~~Couzin BellaDharma~~ an {{huggiess}} BellaSita Mum

    • Hey Sis Had another rescue of birds this week to baby pigeons,I couldn’t get them back in the nest after they got knocked out of the nest by a football so the lady who has Jack came and picked them up from me. the local kids always come and get me for things like this. Any way Jack is doing ok ,he’s being demanding with her and expects her to hand feed him at times. apparently his feathers are a bit twisted so not sure if they will grow out properly yet. anyway I thought I would say hello. been off line a bit as I’m busy decorating the house and doing stuff in the garden. My dad asked me to check in on you because you FB has gone we’re hope you’re ok and if you want me to call you let me know love you sis,xx Rachel

      • Mee-yow you rescued baby Pidgeonss Aunty Rachel?? Yore simply amazin!!!
        Glad THE little oness are doin guud. An HURRAH fore Jack comin along, all tho’ wee hope wing featherss grow inn propurrley so hee can fly….
        Sorry wee not been in touch eether. You gotted BellaSita’ss email…this yeer has been so ruff fore her. An with THE allmsot *hack* wee closed FB an stayed offline fore sum dayss….
        Wee hope ti meow to you Sunday!
        ***purrss*** BellaDharma an {{huggiess}} BellaSita Mum

      • The kids down the street were playing soccer and the ball got stuck in the tree where the nest is, the parents flew out and they used a stick to knock the ball out of the tree not knowing that there was a nest in the tree and the chicks fell out at same time and they picked them up and put one in their garden for safety and brought the other one to me explaining what happened. I climbed the tree to try and get them back in the nest but I couldn’t reach it so I brought them both home. We fed and watered them and arrange for the lady who has Jack to come and collect them. And 2 weeks ago uncle nick rescued another pigeon who has been coming to us for years and some how got grounded in our garden over night so he picked him up and took him to the vets, well the same lady has him too as she is a veterinary nurse at the vets and she is a friend too. Jack is doing well just needs to grow new feathers but she said he likes lots of attention and wants to be fed from the hand. I laughed cause he was like that with me too. Anyway the kids on our street always brings the birds to me if they need help the last 2 I couldn’t so buried them in the garden so it’s nice the these two babies could be saved xx

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