Busy Busy Bees

 Hello its your latest News from your one and only Little Miss Titch!

Gosh where do I start? We have been Busy Busy Bees lately. Miss Spring arrived and more Hedgehogs came with her. The Autumn babies… Pupplets as dad calls them survived their short winter nap. Mummy said they only went to sleep for a few weeks as they stopped coming in the middle of January. Mummy was hoping that they would sleep in one of the boxes so she could keep an eye on them because they were a little small,just borderline on being able to make it to spring But make it they did. Mummy says they might not like it this week as its going back to winter tomorrow night for a few days but they seem to be back in the Nest boxes so they should be ok with our all night dinner open for them.

Mummy has been busy in the garden and has some veggies growing in the greenhouse. She said the decorating can wait till the weather turns so I guess the decorating in the house will be this week again. I have been spending a lot of time in the garden and getting out for adventures too which is fun. And Mummy has been doing some rescues too. A adult woodpigeon got stranded in the garden a couple of weeks ago lost its tail so that one is staying with the lady who is looking after Jack (Bird the Jackdaw) and 2 baby woodpigeons got accidently knocked out of their nest by a soccer ball with the local kids coming to mummy to ask for help. so she was tree climbing to try and get the babies back in the nest but she couldn’t reach it so she contacted the same lady veterinary nurse who has Jack and she has them now to finish rearing them until they are ready to leave in a few weeks time. She also sent Mummy some videos of one of the babies feeding and one of Jack ,she also gave permission to share them here so you all can see.So the first one is the Baby pigeon…

and this is Jack, he looks a little strange, scruffy and small but that’s because he has lost the long big feathers on his wings and his tail feathers but other wise he’s doing ok no more mite problems so paws crossed the feathers will all grow back in the summer….

Now for My Adventures to my horsey fields….

To Badgers Holt and Dartmeet….

And then to Cotele House Mummy was told but the Staff that as Long as I stayed in my stroller I could go around the gardens with her and they told her the areas in the estate out side the garden where I could run about. She didn’t even have to ask they just asked if I was staying in my Stroller and she said absolutely and she just needed to see where we could go together and where I could be let out so it was a pleasant surprise….

Mummy took some videos too of some of our adventures but she said she will get them ready for another post. Anyway I’m taking it easy today as the weather is not so nice today and winter is coming back tomorrow night. So that s all from your one and only Gossip Bunny

                                                    xoxo Little Miss Titch

5 responses

  1. Oh my heavens, could those fields of daffodils be any more lovely?? Glad to hear the birds are doing well. Bless you for helping with their rescue. Don’t work too hard, we miss seeing your sweet face around the English countryside.

  2. Mew mew mew GRATE gossip Couzin Titch!!! Iss WUNDERFULL to see how well Jack Bird iss comin along! An that littel Woody Pigeon iss so adoorabell…..can wee call her Winnie?
    Winnie THE Woody Pigeon……has a nice ring to it rite?
    An yore tripss out to Dartmoor an Badger’ss Holt an Cotele House were furabuluss inndeed! Lookit all THE flowerss an even Cherry blossomss on THE treess! Heer wee have snow……and chilley tempss an no goin out anywhere! CATFISH 😉
    Wee hope Yore Winter reetern bye-passess youss’!
    Take care of each other Aunty an Unkell an Little Titch ❤ ❤ ❤
    ***nose rubss*** Couzin BellaDharma an {{{huggiess}}} BellaSita Mum

    • Mummy said she has no idea if the 2 babies are boys or girls. She also said that Northern side of Dartmoor is due for a bit snow but it will probably miss us on our side but it will be very cold for few days and then a little bit more mild xoxo Little Miss Titch

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