Rip Jack the Jackdaw Spring of 2020 to Spring of 2022

Our Hearts joined the Thousands for our friend Jack the Jackdaw stopped flying today and crossed the Rainbow Bridge

Jack was small for an adult Jackdaw our friend vet nurse said  and that there must have been something wrong with him that we didn’t know about. He was fine and doing well but sadly crossed the Rainbow Bridge. our friend said she will miss him as shall we. We will miss is daily visits and his days spent with us. I am not sorry that I saved him and helped him 2 years ago when he was struggling and a newly fledged bird and probably would have died then. He had our companionship and got to have a life he wouldn’t have had and new we loved him

RIP Jack the Jackdaw…Fly free over the Bridge Little Man!


4 responses

  1. Deerest Jack aka Bird you were an amazin littel fellow an wee are sorry you had to leeve aunty an Unkell an Titch an Vet Nurse Lady…..
    Wee will nevurr furget you.
    Fly free Couzin Jack… free……
    Deer Aunty an Unkell an Titch youss’ are THE bestest kind hearted peepeel an Bunny efurr! You did so much fore Jack Bird an hee NEW ❤ LOVE ❤
    Not many wild Birdiess have that chance!!!
    Wee sendin lotss of ***purrss*** an {{{huggiess}}}
    Couzin BellaDharma an BellaSita Mum

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