Where do we go from here?

Hello, its been a while hasn’t it? But we’re still here…me your one and only gossip bunny and her Mum. We took a break because well the Summer was long and hot, too hot for many adventures to go on and even too hot for me in the garden except early in the morning or late in the evening. Finally we have Autumn weather and we’re having wet and windy weather so still no adventures but here is a snippet of what we did do….

Some Summer walks at the Horsey fields by the river

A visit to the odd church

A visit to a beach or 2

A visit to Cadover Bridge on one of the rare wet summer days

Back to the Horsey Fields again

And then a short break to Cornwall where we visited Pencarrow House and I even got to join in on the tour of the house with Mummy, No photo’s were allow inside the house but it was interesting.

And we stayed at this Country park Hengar Manor

And when we got Back This fellow turned up…..

This is Jo the Crow, He has been staying with my Veterinary Nurse friend who was looking after Jack the Jackdaw Remember Jack who sadly passed away in May? 

Well it seem Jo must have been hand reared and either escaped or was let go and was brought to our friend after causing a problem at a school. Anyway he’s very clever and learnt how to open the aviary door so kept escaping but would go home every day for the night. The day we got back from our trip he turned up out of the blue and took an instant liking to mummy and most days come to visit. He lands on her shoulder to feed, sits on her knee for scratches and loves a bath. He also follows mummy about and tries to come in the house but she always leads him out of the kitchen and so far Me and him have an understanding.

As for the Blog I feel its time for another name change, for me to take over completely because well as it stands now Mummy and me feel its not working and doesn’t inspire much, which was another reason for the long break….watch this space for you will hear about the next step hear first!

                                                     xoxo your one and only Gossip Bunny

                                                                   Little Miss Titch


9 responses

  1. Lovely to hear from you and your adventures (even if limited by the summer’s heat). LOVE, love, love Nick’s commentary on the videos. What a clever bird that Jo is. Have fun with your new friend. We’re sure whatever you do with the blog will be simply wonderful. Cheers.

  2. OMB! Did you see that Titch?? Clevurr Jo buried THE food hee did not want to eat!!! Hee iss amazin!!!
    An Unkell Nick you sound so xcited; like a young Hu’man Kitt!!
    BellaSita Mum laffed out loud lissenin to you……mew mew mew…
    An Aunty Rachel wee now call you “THE Birdie Whispurrer”!

    Titch deepsite THE *hot* an ucky weather youss’ did get to vizzit sum lovelee placess!
    THE Beech lookss nice. An Pencarrow house lookss like a small Castle…..
    Wee think Hengar Manor wuud bee lovelee to live inn ALL THE time Aunty!

    Wee were wurried fore a momint you were thinkin of not bloggin…..pleese stay! Wee ADOOR youss’. And wee LOVE yore bloggie!!
    **nose kissess** Couzin BellaDharma an {{{huggiess}}} BellaSita Mum

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