The Case of The Prickly Guest Continues

 Hello Blogville its you one and only Gossip Bunny with the Latest news on the Prickly Guest.

So the case continues with mummy checking in on our prickly guest who has a name now as daddy likes to name them….Roddy. We still have no idea on whether Roddy is a girl or a boy but daddy still say he or she is called Roddy. 

The bad news is Mummy found runny poop in the hutch this morning and she saw some yesterday too but managed to get enough for a sample to be looked at. Mummy thought Roddy had an internal parasite problem so she took Roddy to the vet with the sample and left Roddy there so that they could give a good check over and check the sample. After Speaking to the Vets this afternoon it turns out the Roddy has a high parasite burden…Lungworm and roundworm but also that they suspect Fluke as well though that one is hard to diagnose. So Roddy has started treatments and has to stay at the vets for 48 hours as this is the critical time for a poorly hedgehog and well expelling parasites can be tough on them and Roddy could go either way. But the good news is Roddy although small because of being so young has a lot going for him/her as Roddy wasn’t dehydrated and well fed with some reserves which should help. If Roddy makes it through the next 48 hours then he/she can come home to convalesce and continue with treatments with Mummy to take care of him/her. So Roddy needs all of our Power of The Paw to help him/her to start getting better and to keep fighting so he/she can come home and that’s where you all come in….Send Roddy lots of POTP he needs it

                                              xoxo Little Miss Titch


4 responses

  1. Sendin Quadrupell POTP an **purrayerss an ***purrss*** to Roddy-Hog!
    Pleese fight “THE Guud Fight” an reecovurr Roddy! You are part of THE Furamilllee now….
    Wee hopin an purrayin Aunty Rachel an Unkell Nick an Couzin Titch…..
    ***purrss*** an ❤ Couzin BellaDharma an ❤ ❤ ❤ BellaSita Mum

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