It’s Boxing Day!

Hello Blogville its your one and only Gossip Bunny with all the latest happenings in our neck of the woods!

For many of you Christmas day and the holidays is over until New Years Eve but here in the UK its Boxing Day. Boxing Day was created to box up left overs by the wealthy as care packages for the poor and those servants working for the wealthy so that they would get a nice meal that they wouldn’t normally have. Today Boxing day is just another day for friends and families to come together and Celebrate the Christmas Season. But in a way this sort of thing still happen with charitable organizations such as the Salvation army and shelters for the homeless and soup kitchens and other numerous organizations. So while we celebrate another day of good food and fine wine with our loved ones we should also bare a thought for those in need, the elderly who have lost their loved ones and are all alone and many others who are in need in one way or another. May be you know a neighbor who is all alone.. may be just check on them today to make sure they are ok, even bring them a little treat or some left overs from your Christmas Dinner…Just let them know that some one cares. In mummy’s case she will be making a special phone call

And me this is some of what I am doing today…

That’s all for now until next time…

xoxo Little Miss Titch


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  1. Hello Miss Titch!! You’re so cute and I love your Mimi Me in your home! My hooman daddy is from UK but he never told me the origin of boxing day so thank you! We learn something new everyday! Juno

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