Where do we go from here?

Hello, its been a while hasn’t it? But we’re still here…me your one and only gossip bunny and her Mum. We took a break because well the Summer was long and hot, too hot for many adventures to go on and even too hot for me in the garden except early in the morning or late in the evening. Finally we have Autumn weather and we’re having wet and windy weather so still no adventures but here is a snippet of what we did do….

Some Summer walks at the Horsey fields by the river

A visit to the odd church

A visit to a beach or 2

A visit to Cadover Bridge on one of the rare wet summer days

Back to the Horsey Fields again

And then a short break to Cornwall where we visited Pencarrow House and I even got to join in on the tour of the house with Mummy, No photo’s were allow inside the house but it was interesting.

And we stayed at this Country park Hengar Manor

And when we got Back This fellow turned up…..

This is Jo the Crow, He has been staying with my Veterinary Nurse friend who was looking after Jack the Jackdaw Remember Jack who sadly passed away in May? 

Well it seem Jo must have been hand reared and either escaped or was let go and was brought to our friend after causing a problem at a school. Anyway he’s very clever and learnt how to open the aviary door so kept escaping but would go home every day for the night. The day we got back from our trip he turned up out of the blue and took an instant liking to mummy and most days come to visit. He lands on her shoulder to feed, sits on her knee for scratches and loves a bath. He also follows mummy about and tries to come in the house but she always leads him out of the kitchen and so far Me and him have an understanding.

As for the Blog I feel its time for another name change, for me to take over completely because well as it stands now Mummy and me feel its not working and doesn’t inspire much, which was another reason for the long break….watch this space for you will hear about the next step hear first!

                                                     xoxo your one and only Gossip Bunny

                                                                   Little Miss Titch

The travels of a gossip bunny!

 Hello Blogville! Its your one and only Gossip Bunny Little Miss Titch sharing all the gossip on my travels last week. Gosh there was a lot going on last week!!!! I had my 1st Birthday, then week had the anniversary of Angel Speedy( AKA Speedy the Cheeky House Bunny) crossing of the Rainbow Bridge and to top it all I went on a proper holiday with beaches!!!! I know That’s is a lot to cover isn’t it?

So where do I start….Hmm I guess we better Start with Monday last week. Well Monday Mummy packed up the car with so much stuff for me and for her and for dad…Who knew mummy could fit so much stuff in to that little Car? Suzie well she was full that’s all I can say, I never knew Suzie could hold so much stuff….Lets just say Mummy fits stuff in like a Jigsaw puzzle…is a talent I never knew she had! And then she bundled me up in the carrier so fast I did even have time to ask where we are going? Gosh I didn’t even know we were going anywhere till that moment! Anyway after a little bit of a drive we ended up somewhere in Cornwall, the car was unpacked, everything was put away and my pen was set up quick smart….Another Talent Mummy has!…

Before I knew it I was chilling in my pen with Mummy telling me that we were having a holiday and there was lots of fun adventure ahead!

Then the very next day after an early morning walk around the Holiday Park we were of on our first adventure

To Daymer Bay… I had so much fun running up and down the Beach and digging in the sand!

Then in the Afternoon we went to another Beach but it clouded up and be came a bit wet…..I got so wet but I didn’t want to stop running about….

Gosh I was tired after all that but the very next day the sun was out so we went back to that beach at Polzeath…

And of course I went running about again in the sand…there’s something about running about with the feel of sand on your paws!

 and then Mummy said we should do a selfie with the sea at our backs!

It was a bit breezy but so nice! then we went up on the cliffs…

What a fun way to Celebrate My Birthday followed by lots of cuddles and snacks! Then the very next day Mummy said we had to do something for Angel Speedy to Mark his Anniversary of going to the Bridge…We both said Sand Dunes so we went to a great place for Sand Dunes…

We came here to Rock, it was perfect and our last day before going home so I said to mummy time for me to pay homage to Angel Speedy and do what he did and loved best exploring the Dunes!

And here is Angel Speedy doing what he love Best…

And There you have it my first proper Holiday as a real life Beach Bunny! Just like Angel Speedy Was!

                                               xoxo Little Miss Titch

Rip Jack the Jackdaw Spring of 2020 to Spring of 2022

Our Hearts joined the Thousands for our friend Jack the Jackdaw stopped flying today and crossed the Rainbow Bridge

Jack was small for an adult Jackdaw our friend vet nurse said  and that there must have been something wrong with him that we didn’t know about. He was fine and doing well but sadly crossed the Rainbow Bridge. our friend said she will miss him as shall we. We will miss is daily visits and his days spent with us. I am not sorry that I saved him and helped him 2 years ago when he was struggling and a newly fledged bird and probably would have died then. He had our companionship and got to have a life he wouldn’t have had and new we loved him

RIP Jack the Jackdaw…Fly free over the Bridge Little Man!

May Day Bank Holiday Weekend!

 Hello Blogville, Its time for a catch up with your one and only Gossip Bunny. After a rest from the work we bunnies do for Easter I thought it was time to get back to work. There’s been some sad news and some great news but I guess I’ll start with the bad…

One of the Hedgehogs was seen on the trail camera with a bad injury to its right front leg so Mummy had to check the nest boxes to see if it was sleeping in one, it was so our vet nurse friend dropped by to pick it up on her way to work. Mummy knew it was badly infected but hoped it could be treated and saved but sadly no the infection was to bad and the Hedgehog was to ill and in so much pain that it had to PTS. Mummy was upset to lose one of our prickly visitors but she knew at least it wasn’t suffering any more. On the good news we have lots of healthy prickles coming and another sleeping in the boxes. This one is small Mummy said but looked to be healthy and in good shape. She saw it yesterday in one of the food stations when she was filling up the bowls with fresh food and water. The little prickle was eating the last of the food from the night before…..She was running late and didn’t expect to see one as it was still light and only 7pm. So when she lifted the lid on the box she carefully lift the empty bowl out and put a full one in for it to munch on which it did as she quietly put the lid back on. She will keep an eye on the little prickle to make sure it doesn’t come out in the day proper as that would mean something is wrong. Mummy told me that a prickle coming out at 7pm while still light is ok because it would come out then in winter too which it normal. Mummy said that the only time its ok for a prickle to come out in the main day time  in late spring and summer is if its moving with purpose because that means its a mum either looking for a nest site to have her babies or she’s out looking for food while her babies are sleeping….

The other good news is the Baby pigeons were released but one decided it wasn’t ready to leave its human  mummy so she looked after it for a few more days before it was released again after coming back and landing on her shoulder. And Jack the Jackdaw has regrown his tale feathers so now we just have to wait for the long wing feathers to grow back…

The reason Mummy was running late with the Hedgehogs food was because she needed to finish building a new surround for the raised bed as the old one was falling to bits…with a little help from me *Giggles* and yesterday was the best time to remove the old one around the soil as it had shrunk back a bit thanks to the long spell of dry weather and also because its raining today and she would have to wait for it to dry out again. She also has nearly finished making the new little fence in the bottom on the garden all she needs to do is build a little gate and then it can be left open at night for the Hedgehogs to explore and then closed in the day to keep me out so I don’t eat anything I shouldn’t. Talking of food its time for a spot of lunch…

Mummy has start decorating the Kitchen too so I guess she will be doing more of that today seeing as its raining. Mummy say this rain is ok because we need it for the garden, and it will help everything grow for all the wildlife so I guess it ok! Anyway I’m going to continue with my lunch I hope your May Day Weekend is going to be great!

                                           xoxo Little Miss Titch

Happy Easter From your Easter Bunny Representative

 Hello Blogville Its time for a Celebration Of Spring from you one and only Gossip Bunny!

As your Representative of the Easter Bunny and Of course Miss Spring herself I thought it was time to celebrate the coming of Miss Spring, of new life. The flowers are starting to bloom, the Trees are sprouting their leaves, The birds are busy feeding their Chicks, the Hedgehogs are snuffling around mating and eating and building their nests. The ponies on the moors have started having their foals and of course the spring lambs have sprung too! And of course the rabbits are busy for fulling their Easter bunny duties and rearing their babies. To me That is what Easter is a celebration of the new generations of all creatures… great and small! All thanks to Miss Spring, Eostre is her real name the goddess of Dawn, Spring and rebirth of life. Little is known about her but she has always been celebrated in the Spring at this time of Year Before the Birth of Christianity which took over the Celebration but She has always been there in the back ground with Her representative the Easter Bunny. 

This Fellow appeared this week and wanted to say hello too…

The first Spring foal of the year!

Angel Speedy wanted to wish you a Happy Easter too! So Happy Easter From us to you!

                                                        xoxo Little Miss Titch

The comings and goings of one gossip bunny and her world

 Hello Blogville yes it’s me your one and only gossip Bunny…I’m here pondering the comings and goings of all those that enter my world. We have Jack the Jackdaw still on his vacation waiting for his feathers to grow back and the Baby pigeons who are now being weaned and learning to feed on their own at the same vacation spot as Jack….I might add I have new videos on that….


For some reason the 2nd video won’t show so you’ll need to click on the link to view it!

And then we have a little Blackbird, she has a nest in the garden next door. We sometimes see her husband Mr Blackbird but mainly only Mrs Blackbird comes. As soon as she sees Mummy she comes flying chasing mummy to the back door for some food and follows her around until she gets it. if Mummy is in the garden doing some work she follows mummy around picking up worms and the like to take them back to her chicks and then she’s back again until mummy is finished….

And then there’s the Hedgehogs the come every night, some stay in the accommodation’s some don’t but they all come to eat at the all you can eat buffet. One has to ponder these comings and goings of all those that come and why they come…does mummy have some super power that draws them to her? Does mummy have some kind of power to talk to the animals? Hmmm enquiring minds want to know!

Rest assure this Gossip Bunny will get to the bottom of it!

Anyway on to the latest on Me. I was getting tired of everyone thinking I’m a boy so I made mummy sort me a new Harness to make me more like the pretty girl I am! here’s me showing off at a Easter egg hunt that is taking place for the children this week after all you can’t have Easter without seeing a bunny….

I think its perfect don’t you? And then Mummy said we had an email from Aunty Ann over at Zoolatry she sent me and Angel Speedy a new Header for our Blog(my Blog) isn’t it the best thing ever?

Mummy will be adding this to our blog(my Blog) this week some time. In the meantime I shall be resting up getting ready for my duties for the Easter bunny this weekend…its a very Busy time of year for us Bunnies.

                                               xoxo Little Miss Titch

The Quiet before the Storm

 Hello there everybunny its time for catch up with your one and only Gossip Bunny. Its funny how the last few weeks have been busy here and this week it has been quiet on the home front. Mummy has been to work and yesterday she was busy cleaning out the shed and giving it a good tidy and rearranged some stuff. Seems daddy was moving stuff about in there and made a mess.

Last week mummy converted the shelter she made for Jack AKA Bird the Jackdaw into a new feed box for the Hedgehogs as the big one needed some repairs….which she hasn’t done yet I might add! Well our Prickly friends have start using is the last couple of nights and after emptying the bowls in the blue box and left lots of calling cards in the boxes and everywhere in the garden. Some of them are also making use of the Sleeping accommodations too…looks like the hotel is full at the moment. The feed box that needs some minor repair will be converted into some sleeping accommodation as the big one by the wall has seen better days and needs replacing when its occupant Mr Hogmight has checked out.

The Birds are busy making babies so they come everyday to eat at the all you can eat bird buffet along with the two Squirrels. No new rescues thankfully to deal with so its all good on the home front!

And what have I been up to you ask ? Well not much as we have had a cold snap to remind us that Mr Winter is not quite finished with us and is sending some stormy wet and wind weather our way in the middle of this coming week…..This is the Quiet before the Storm……. Miss Spring needs to assert herself and tell Mr Winter to push off!

Now I must be off, its time for me to go off on a little adventure, but before I go if you have some wildlife gossip you would like me to share you can always drop me a line at rachel dot dejong28 at googlemail dot com

                                                        See you soon 

                                                   xoxo your one and only 

                                                        Little Miss Titch

Busy Busy Bees

 Hello its your latest News from your one and only Little Miss Titch!

Gosh where do I start? We have been Busy Busy Bees lately. Miss Spring arrived and more Hedgehogs came with her. The Autumn babies… Pupplets as dad calls them survived their short winter nap. Mummy said they only went to sleep for a few weeks as they stopped coming in the middle of January. Mummy was hoping that they would sleep in one of the boxes so she could keep an eye on them because they were a little small,just borderline on being able to make it to spring But make it they did. Mummy says they might not like it this week as its going back to winter tomorrow night for a few days but they seem to be back in the Nest boxes so they should be ok with our all night dinner open for them.

Mummy has been busy in the garden and has some veggies growing in the greenhouse. She said the decorating can wait till the weather turns so I guess the decorating in the house will be this week again. I have been spending a lot of time in the garden and getting out for adventures too which is fun. And Mummy has been doing some rescues too. A adult woodpigeon got stranded in the garden a couple of weeks ago lost its tail so that one is staying with the lady who is looking after Jack (Bird the Jackdaw) and 2 baby woodpigeons got accidently knocked out of their nest by a soccer ball with the local kids coming to mummy to ask for help. so she was tree climbing to try and get the babies back in the nest but she couldn’t reach it so she contacted the same lady veterinary nurse who has Jack and she has them now to finish rearing them until they are ready to leave in a few weeks time. She also sent Mummy some videos of one of the babies feeding and one of Jack ,she also gave permission to share them here so you all can see.So the first one is the Baby pigeon…

and this is Jack, he looks a little strange, scruffy and small but that’s because he has lost the long big feathers on his wings and his tail feathers but other wise he’s doing ok no more mite problems so paws crossed the feathers will all grow back in the summer….

Now for My Adventures to my horsey fields….

To Badgers Holt and Dartmeet….

And then to Cotele House Mummy was told but the Staff that as Long as I stayed in my stroller I could go around the gardens with her and they told her the areas in the estate out side the garden where I could run about. She didn’t even have to ask they just asked if I was staying in my Stroller and she said absolutely and she just needed to see where we could go together and where I could be let out so it was a pleasant surprise….

Mummy took some videos too of some of our adventures but she said she will get them ready for another post. Anyway I’m taking it easy today as the weather is not so nice today and winter is coming back tomorrow night. So that s all from your one and only Gossip Bunny

                                                    xoxo Little Miss Titch

It been a while but I’m still here your one and only Little Miss Titch

 Hi Guys and Gals, Its your one and only Little Miss Titch! And Yes I am still here with all the Gossip from my corner of the world. To start Mummy had her 50th Birthday last month and because the next day was lovely we went to visit King Arthur Himself at Tintagel…

It was a bit chilly but I had so much fun with Mummy. We also visit some Churches during our sabbatical….

These windows date back 600 years in this church, only inside photos for this one but the church its self dates to the 1100’s

Now I’m guessing you want an update on Bird (Jack) the Jackdaw well Mummy ended up catching him because he started pulling out the feathers on his right wing and had 4 storms about to start rolling in which would have been bad for Bird(Jack), she thought he might have a mite problem when he started with the other wing so He took a trip to the vets. He’s had treatment for mites and is currently staying with one of the nurses that works at the vets, She lives near us and is giving updates to us. She has the space and enclosures to keep him safe while he recovers. Anyway he has stopped pulling his feathers out so the Mite treatment has worked and now has to regrow his feathers which will be the summer. She said he’s quite tame and calls to her when she is in the garden and she calls him Jack. Well he’s always been quite tame anyway so no surprise there but as long as his feathers grow back properly we will have him back for release in the summer. When we get Updates we will pass them on. 

Mummy Said the a Hedgehog called Hogmight has been visiting for some food the last few weeks while he fattens up for his summer adventures chasing the girls. Apparently  he does this every year since mummy over wintered him a few years back so that is good news. She just waiting for the others to turn up again.

Well that’s all the Gossip for now xoxo Little Miss Titch

The Troubles Bird the Jackdaw gets into

Hello Blogville! Its time for an update from your one and only Little Miss Titch! 

Ah the troubles that Bird the Jackdaw gets into. About a week ago Bird started turning up again after going awol for a couple of days with a few wing feathers all beaten up and bent out of shape. Luckily Bird hasn’t suffered any injury was still able to fly….That is until Thursday or Friday when the feathers broke off. The last one broke off Friday Mummy thinks and well Bird is stranded. Birds main wing flight feathers have broken off so can’t take off from the ground but can take fly leaps up onto the bird bath and up in to the feeding tree where mummy hangs the feeders and the bird table for the little birds. Last Night Bird tried to take off from the tree and well landed in the garden next door. because that garden isn’t safe from cats mummy went in after Bird and scooped up Bird so that Bird could clear the fence back into out garden. Trust me Bird wasn’t happy with that so is a bit cross with Mummy but still took some food from mummy this morning when she brought out breakfast out to Bird. So Bird is having to roost in the feeding tree at the moment until his/or her feathers grow back. It could take a while for that to happen so Mummy is debating about trying to catch Bird and bring him/her inside in a cage until he/she can fly….Mummy is not sure as she wants to keep bird safe and well fed but doesn’t want to scare or upset him/her if Bird can stay in the garden and do the same thing. Trouble is Bird won’t let mummy too close now so catching Bird may not be so easy

Bird Let Mummy get closer this afternoon to take these photos but will only take food from her finger tips. So she got to check as it gets dark that Bird doesn’t try to fly off to join the others for their night time roost other wise He/she will end up in next doors garden again and mummy will have to catch him/her and scoop Bird back over the fence or bring Bird in and rig up a cage.

Well that’s all for now, we’ll keep you posted on Bird!

                                        xoxo Little Miss Titch