5 month old anniversary and Spay Day

5 months ago today Little Miss Titch was born and the very next day Speedy passed away in my arms and crossed the rainbow bridge. 6 weeks later we found her on a rehoming site and brought her home.

And now today its that dreaded day, one I’m not looking forward to. at 8.30 am Little Miss Titch goes in for her spay. She’ll be gone all day and I’ll miss her kissing my feet and being a rambunctious teenager. I shall be worrying all day until I get the call that she is ok, that she is awake and eating and pooping and when I can come and pick her to bring her home.

Keep my smiling girl in your thoughts to day a pray she comes through it all ok

Rough Night with Little Miss Titch

Hello Blogville Yes its me your one and only Little Miss Titch here to tell you about my scandalous night! Last night I woke Mummy up at 1am making a nest in my pen. It wasn’t much of a nest as mum has taken most of the bedding that she was putting in because of this. 

Yesterday was a nice day so I spent a lot of time in the garden but that meant no cuddles and although it was nice playing in the garden I guess I missed all my cuddles from mummy. So at 1am I was having cuddles then I had to go back to my pen as I needed to poop then after mummy went back to bed I started nesting and trashing all over again……It was a rough night for mummy last night. Here’s a photo of me in my carrier going off for an adventure to see the horses….

Only 1 week to go till my Spa day, mummy say’s life will get better after that for me and for her too.

                                   We’ll See. xoxo Little Miss Titch

Update on Titch from Mum

Well Somebunny is booked in for her Spay in 2 weeks time. She will be 5 months old then. I was going to wait until 6 months or more but she is spraying everywhere mainly in her play pen so puppy pads are everywhere in there. And I have to soak up her puddles straight away with paper towels or she start to drink it again which means she’s getting stressed with puberty. and that is also stressing her too. So then she wants cuddles all the time and then in the next minute she wants to get down then cuddles again as soon as you put her down. Next she’ll end up having a phantom pregnancy and then she will get really stressed with it all. Titch is not really happy and doesn’t know what she wants. I weighed her and she’s 1.74kg and another couple of weeks she will be around the 2kg range which is old enough and big enough to be spayed. I feel so bad for her at the moment especially as she has to endure this for a couple more weeks or so. Poor baby she’s such a sweet girl too.

Sunday Selfies With Me Little Miss Titch

 Hello Blogville! Its been a few days since my spooky adventures. I hope they didn’t scare you too much!

Anyway Yesterday I have another historic adventure, I got to go for a run around the lands of Buckland Abbey. Its not far from my home so an easy trip to do. Unfortunately Being a rabbit I’m not allowed to explore in the house so if there are Spooky residents I can’t tell you but the views are amazing and the grounds are extensive so at least I got to stretch my paws….

The Abbey was founded in 1278 as a Cistercian Abbey by Amicia Countess of Devon then later after King Henry the 8th dissolved the monasteries after getting upset with the Pope in Rome and the Catholic Church. It seems that was a bit of a scandal as he wanted a divorce and they wouldn’t give him one. King Henry the 8th sold it to Sir Richard Grenville the Younger who started the conversion to a stately home. It was the sold to Sir Francis Drake where it remained in the family for years till eventually being given to Captain Richard Owen Tapps Gervis Meyrick by The Dowager Lady Seaton, Born Elisabeth Fuller-Elliot-Drake who then sold it to Captain Arthur Rodd who then gave it to the National Trust in 1947

Well I never who would have thought that a king could be scandalous? Not me I can tell you! 

                               xoxo Little Miss Titch

Another spooky visit

Hello Blogville and welcome to another Spooktacular adventure with yours truly Little Miss Titch

Yesterday I had another adventure but this time it was to Okehampton Castle. Construction began in 1068 and it was listed in the Doomsday book

There is a ghost story regarding a Lady Howard who was supposed to have murdered 3 husbands and 2 of her children in the 1700th century and was cursed to pick every blade of grass at the castle until she had picked them all she could never have peace. She rides from the gate house at Fitzford house in Tavistock to the castle every night in a carriage made of the bones of her victims driven by a headless coach man with a one eyed hound running beside her .She then brings back the blade of grass to lay at the gate! Whether this is true I can’t tell you but it makes for and interesting tale!

                                                xoxo Little Miss Titch

The wonderful world of adventuring

 Hello Blogville Welcome to The Wonderful world of Adventuring with Yours Truly Little Miss Titch!

Yesterday it was a secret but today I can share it with you all! With the new season upon us mum thought it was a good time to visit a Haunted castle!

The Secret is… this is Berry Pomeroy Castle, was built in the 15th century and was owned by the Pomeroy family then rebuilding started in 1560 by the Seymours with and Elizabethan Mansion in the 1600. It was meant to be a match for Longleat and Audley but was never completed and finally abandoned by 1700 amid blood curdling stories. Whether it is truly Haunted well that is a secret I can’t Tell you….you need to see for your selves to see if it’s true!

                               xoxo Little Miss Titch

Monday is for adventuring

Hello Blogville Mum says Mondays are for adventuring. We’re going off on an adventure today but its a secret So I can’t share it with you yet until we have had it

This I can share with you though on my daily jaunts with the Horses they have many secrets I can tell you….

This is Harmony, She tells me all her secrets, but don’t ask me. Some secrets I’ll never Tell

                 xoxo Little Miss Titch

Its a funny old life

Gosh its been a few weeks since I last Posted and well I have learnt it is a funny old life! I’ve grown again when I got weighed in the week I was 1.542kg! Mum is moaning I’m getting to heavy to carry around in her arms all the time….But she still does it “giggles”

I got to have my first proper adventure at the beach….

And had lots of fun digging holes in the sand….

Mum’s wild bird pal Bird the Jackdaw still comes to visit, funny old bird! And the Hedgehogs which are these spikey creatures that look cute in a strange way and are grumpy by nature have come back after being absent for a few weeks. Mum said there are 2 big fat adults and at least one juvenile, one of which has taken up residence in one of the nest boxes so its busy here feeding the 500….well that’s what mum says. Anyway I am still figuring out how I want to do things so please forgive me for being a bit hit and miss here in Blogville.

Anyway until next time this is Titch signing out!