Saturday Movie Day with Speedy

Hi everyone its Saturday so I thought it was time for another movie day,these are from this week and I think you may end up dying from cuteness over these so enjoy!


Well I hope you survived the cuteness and enjoy your week end!

Unique Blogger Award

Wow this is pawsome My friendly Viking at Cranny’s Cove Nominated for this great award,She has this great blog that covers all her musing from poetry to what ever she feels like writing about at her Blogging convenience store as she calls it,so you should check out this great blog

So here are the rules:

Link to the blog who showed you the love by Nominating you.

Answer the Questions you are given.

In the spirit of sharing love and solidarity with our Blogging family nominate 8 to 13 fellow bloggers.

Ask the people you nominate 3 questions.

So here are my answers to her Questions:

Name one weird attraction I could visit if I came to your city/country


Bowermans Nose Legend says that this rock formation was once a hunter who was turned in to stone by some annoyed witches.

Whats one thing on your Bucket list(don’t have a bucket list pretend?)

Hmmm well I have done most things but one thing I haven’t done yet is go on a camping trip with my mummy but is is planed for the future but mummy is waiting ont the weather to get better.

Whats one thing you would like to change about yourself ? Are you currently working on that ?

Hmmm well Bunnies are perfect so nothing about me would I change but us bunnies are working on world domination….Bunnies rule!

Now time for my Nominations well I don’t have so many because well I’m a bunny and we can do what we like:

Mimi Writes

Rumpy Dog

Crafty Green Poet

Home Sweet Home Wyoming

Tails around the Ranch

Erin the Cat Princess

Now for my 3 questions:

Where is the one place in the whole world you would like to visit and why?

What is your favourite Dish that you love above all others?

What is you favourite season and why?

An exciting Blogging and travel article to share with you all!

As you know I’m and adventure bunny who gets to travel to all sorts of places on days out and vacation spots with my mummy.And we like to share those trips with you so you get to come along too.

Well we have been lucky enough to be featured on this great blog post from Top 9 Pet Bloggers 2017 ,On the blog post they feature 9 great bloggers including me so you should check it out . is from Tripadvisor Rentals where you can book holiday rentals here in the UK or abroad…pet friendly and non pet friendly properties to suit all your needs.Mummy uses Tripadvisor to check all sort of travel stuff out all the time,she really like Tripadvisor so she will definitely be checking out the web site for future Vacations.

There is a facebook page and a twitter too @holidaylettings so check them out there too!

Disclaimer:We have not been paid for this post,any opinions expressed our purely ours from personal experience.

Sunday Selfies with me and some friends

Yep its Sunday so its time for Selfies from yours truly and a few friends….

Sorry had little itch….

A little better….

Okay time to explore… are my friends…

So that is some of my new friends…

Now for a little up date on the latest Hedgehog….well its at Uncle Colin’s for rehabilitation and it will be released back into the wild from there and it was a little boy.We will get updates from Uncle Colin on how he is doing and will let you know when we know.

Sunday Selfies with The Cat on My Head

Adventure Bunny Speedy a Movie day!

Wow Saturday is finally here…sure was a long time coming wasn’t it?Well is been a while and I thought its Saturday so we have to have some movies!These are from some recent adventures I have had with mummy….

Click here for direct Youtube linkWell that’s all for today….hopefully mummy will be able to load more videos as Youtube is being glitchy so new videos are slow to appear when she loads them.Have A Great Weekend Everybody!

Guest Sunday Selfies….Hedgehog Cutie!

This week I decided to have a guest do Sunday Selfies instead of me….Remember our visitor Hedgehog that has been coming to dine out in our garden?Well mummy managed to get some photo’s so here they are



Well these were taken Thursday night some slugs decide to tag along for some chow too.But then some thing strange happened on Friday lunch time this cutie decided to come for lunch down the garden path it came and Daddy shouted for mummy to fix it some lunch… looks like it has been sleeping in the front garden and then heading down the back for some snacks


Now this is not normal for a hedgehog to be out in the day time so our visitor became a guest of our back garden just like Reggie did because mummy thought there was something wrong.So after its lunch mummy popped it under the shed so it could go back to sleep and at 9.30pm it was a wake wanting dinner so dinner it had and a little wander around the back garden before going to sleep again.Mummy also managed to get a little video at lunch time on Friday too…. click on the link if you have trouble viewing this video.Anyway mummy kept a look out to see if the hedgehog would wake up looking for food and at 12 noon there it was looking for food so mummy fed it again and then spoke to my uncle Colin and he said it needed looking at so mummy took the hedgehog to the local wild life vet,looks like it has parasites that needs treating so it can gain weight and not starve.So it will either go to uncle Colin’s for a couple of weeks before being released back in our garden if it needs further treatments or it will come back straight to us again to be released in to our care.So this little cutie needs some POTP from you all.We don’t know if its a boy or a girl but it is a juvenile and it came to the right place in its hour of need!

Do you want to see the Hedgehog Visitor?

Well finally Mummy was able to get a photo of a Hedgehog!Last night at around 9.30pm Mummy went down to the kitchen to do my bedtime salad and she looked out the window and thought she saw something near the bowls for the hedgehog.It was still fairly light but not light enough to get photo’s with out the flash.The photos aren’t great as these were done on her phone and she didn’t want to disturb the little fellow who was chowing down….

she got a little closer…

We have a few more on the other camera but we want to save those for Sunday selfies…..Yes this little fellow is going to be our Guest star for Sunday selfies!

We have a new visitor to our Garden….

Well for the past for days a Hedgehog has been visiting our garden ,mummy and daddy have found its poops on the patio and under our carport up the side of our house so mummy has been leaving hedgehog biscuits/Kibble and meal worms and plenty of water on the patio under our garden furniture.

We don’t know if its Reggie or if its a new hedgehog or if this visitor is nesting under the shed where Reggie was staying but mum did put fresh bedding under the shed just in case Reggie came back.So we are hoping this new Visitor will decide to make its home with us!Any way we will keep you up dated on this new visitor!

This is what a wild European Hedgehog looks like,as they are nocturnal its difficult to get photos so we borrowed this one from the interwebs.

Sunday Selfies and a guest star too!

We have me today doing my selfies but we also have a little guest as well……

We bumped into this little foal on our outing yesterday but he or she was a little shy….but what a cutie!

Well I wasn’t much in the mood for Selfies just a little clean up and then I just wanted to keep an eye out on the weather cause it kept raining.Even though the sun was out you can see the black clouds rolling in to chuck some wet stuff on us!

Sunday Selfies with The Cat on My Head