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 Hello Blogville it’s you one and only Gossip Bunny with all the latest news and gossip from my neck of the woods…. And pals do I have a lot to tell you!

So here it all is…So to start mummy had a couple of weeks of work so we had a holiday booked but before we left Jet/Hogmite the Hedgehog had to have his last round worm injection and then had to go and stay with one of Mummy’s Friends for a week while we went on our Road trip and then we were of to stay in a lodge at a place nr Axminster in Spa Resort. It was very posh!

Sunset at our Lodge…

Then mummy went on some day trips some with me some without me…First was Montacute house, Seatown beach and finally Barrington Court…

While we were away I celebrated my 2nd Birthday….That’s right I’m 2 years old now but its bitter sweet for Mummy because it also was 2 years since Speedy The Cheeky House Bunny my Predecessor left for the Rainbow Bridge. But like all good things Holidays must come to an end so we got back Thursday Night to beat the Friday Traffic. 

On Friday Mummy when to pick up Jet/Hogmite the old hedgehog and he from her friend to bring him home And there was a Huge Surprise! Mummy scooped the Jet/Hogmite out of the pen with some Bedding and popped him in a box as he was moving about Mum lifted the lid to see how he was only to see something she wasn’t expecting….A Baby hedgehog next to him…..Shock Horror Jet is most definitely not Hogmite…Jet is definitely Jet and Jet is not a boy! Jet is a female and is a Proud Mum! of Course Mum said straight away that Jet would have to go back in the pen because there would have to be more babies in the rest of the nest. So Jet has to stay at mummy’s friend until the babies are bigger and then the hole family will come back to the back garden where Jet can teach her babies to hunt for food and where to find food eventually in the front garden The whole family will be released when they are already because although Jet is getting on in years she needs to teach her babies to survive…maybe she will decide to stay in the garden maybe not but she is the first female Hedgehog to come and stay in the front garden in our nest boxes to have her babies. Normally they go and have their babies else where and then bring them to stay in our garden for a while to learn that there is always food, water, and a place to stay if they need it. So Jet came to have her babies with us because she was unwell and wanted a palace where she could rear her babies safely where food and water was plentiful. But also had Mummy not found her and got her the treatment she needed then there is a high risk that she and her babies would have passed away….Mummy saved not just Jet but her family too!

And last but not least Jo-Jo the Crow also stopped by for a visit Saturday Morning too…she was a bit naughty as she tried to steal one of mummy’s diamond earing’s but luckily she dropped it on the floor…imagine if she flew off with it?

Mummy doesn’t normally have earing’s in but she hadn’t got round to taking them off when Jo-Jo turned up. Mummy said it was her fault for not taking them off before going out to feed Jo-Jo but at least that turned out okay with Mummy being able to retrieve the earing. Well after all that News you guys must feel worn out so best go take a nap…Until next time!

                             xoxo Little Miss Titch


Hello Blogville its your one and only Gossip Bunny

Hello Blogville its your one and only Gossip bunny with all the latest gossip from my neck of the woods

I am sorry to say that things have been quiet here at my home not much in the way of adventures for me. Its either been to wet and windy or when it has been dry to cold for me that we really haven’t been anywhere. That being said I have got some bits of gossip for you! Remember Roddy AKA Rodette the Hedgehog that was living with us for the winter well after having a soft release in the back garden she eventually decided to go back to the wild off on her adventures so we wish her safe travels on her journey!

Jo the Crow is still about and she is doing well sometimes she visits us and sometimes she doesn’t…*giggles* she’s a funny bird with her whims and moods

But as Roddy AKA Rodette vacated the greenhouse we have a new guest or rather an old one back in the greenhouse. Mummy was cleaning the food boxes for the Hedgehogs in the front garden and heard coughing coming from one of the nest boxes, so she investigated the box and found a large old male looking a bit poorly like he had lost a bit of weight. He stayed in the greenhouse over night and went to the vets on Monday  with a sample of his poop and he has roundworm for which he is being treated for but he also has ringworm on his face in a couple of places. How ever the Vets said he was a old hog and didn’t want to put him under the stress of their normal treatment for ringworm so mummy has been in touch with a friend she know who has a Hedgehog Hospital and got some advice on how to treat the ring worm here at home so the stuff for that has to be ordered, its not easy to get so its going to take a while for it to arrive. Mummy said she will do everything she can to get Hogmite healthy but the reality is he is old and this could be his last year so he is going to be in retirement with us in the back garden for how ever long he has left. Mummy said normally they can only be kept if they are sick and getting treatment..which he is or if they are disabled they can live in a secure garden.

And I went on an adventure to an old Medieval church in a village called Marystow. The original part of the church that remains dates to the 1300’s but has been rebuilt and added to many times over the centuries…

                                             Well that’s all for now, Until next time

                                                          xoxo Little Miss Titch

Hello Strangers….Long Time No See!

 Hello Blogville its your one and only Gossip Bunny with all the latest news from our neck of the woods!

Its been a while I know but do I post a blog just for the sake of it even when there is nothing much going on or do I post when I have something to share? The fact is its been quiet here with nothing much going on only when Jo the crow would turn up and well that was basically once every couple of months throughout the winter. Nothing has been open to go on adventures and well the weather hasn’t been good enough to go on adventures either. Mummy had her birthday last month and had the week of but it was so cold that all she did was cut back some trees and bushes in the garden and the one day we did get to go out on an adventure she decided it was just for us so didn’t take any photos. Although I did give mummy as scare when I jumped out of my carrier before mum could secure me and had to spend time trying to catch me in the carpark where we were…it was fun though giving her the run around but mum grounded me for a while so that was not so good….sigh….

However on the gossip front at the end of January a local hedgehog woke up and moved in to one of the nest boxes in the garden… mummy said that it probably had its nest waterlogged by all the rain we had had and woke up. And came looking for food and realized there were empty warm and dry beds here to so decided to stay. Then about 2 weeks ago some of the others started turning up and looks like they have moved back in to the remaining nest boxes so Hedgehog season is now in full swing. Mummy has also started turning the heat pad down in the shed for Roddy to get her ready to go in the green house and then start her soft release….then we had another cold snap so had to pause that….can you believe we have snow forecast this week? But as soon as this cold snap is over Roddy’s Acclimatizing will continue ready for her to go in the green house, Mummy said hopefully she can get her of the heat pad next week and then move her to the greenhouse…fingers and paws crossed here for that!

And last week Jo the crow turned up and then she started coming most days…. and yes it is believed that she is a girl as she has a new friend. Our friend the Veterinary nurse sent us a photo and said we can share it with you

Anyway Jo has been coming around a lot lately but not with her friend so here are some of her visits

And this was her this morning…

Who knows if she will be back later today as she was early today. But the good news is she is also growing some new feathers to replace her damaged ones and they are black adult feathers not brown like her first ones. Anyway that’s all for now from my neck of the woods

xoxo Little Miss Titch

Happy New Year from Our House to Yours!

 Hello Blogville its your one and only Gossip bunny bringing you all the latest from my neck of the woods!

Today is New Years Eve, its time say good bye to 2022 and say hello to 2023….so with that in mind I hope you all have a Happy New Year and may it bring you much joy, Love, Peace and good health!

And for one Last time here is our Jacquie Lawson New Year card, Just click the Link to View it…

Happy New Year Card from Jacquie Lawson

It’s Boxing Day!

Hello Blogville its your one and only Gossip Bunny with all the latest happenings in our neck of the woods!

For many of you Christmas day and the holidays is over until New Years Eve but here in the UK its Boxing Day. Boxing Day was created to box up left overs by the wealthy as care packages for the poor and those servants working for the wealthy so that they would get a nice meal that they wouldn’t normally have. Today Boxing day is just another day for friends and families to come together and Celebrate the Christmas Season. But in a way this sort of thing still happen with charitable organizations such as the Salvation army and shelters for the homeless and soup kitchens and other numerous organizations. So while we celebrate another day of good food and fine wine with our loved ones we should also bare a thought for those in need, the elderly who have lost their loved ones and are all alone and many others who are in need in one way or another. May be you know a neighbor who is all alone.. may be just check on them today to make sure they are ok, even bring them a little treat or some left overs from your Christmas Dinner…Just let them know that some one cares. In mummy’s case she will be making a special phone call

And me this is some of what I am doing today…

That’s all for now until next time…

xoxo Little Miss Titch

Merry Christmas from My House to Yours!

Hello Blogville its your one and only Gossip Bunny with your Unofficial Countdown to all things Christmassy and the Holidays!

It’s Finally Here, Its Christmas Day! Today we will all be gathering together with our loved ones human and furry alike While for some its a spiritual and religious affair, for others it is a family affair to come together with good food and good cheer, and for some it is a mix of both. However you all Celebrate make it a special one full of love, fun and of course good food!

And to make my day Special, I had a very Special visitor before He had to go back to the North Pole!

And so it comes for your Final Jacquie Lawson Christmas Card and I hope you enjoy it! Remember just Click the Link to view it…

December 25th Merry Christmas Card

And your Final Hanukkah card for the 8th Night, I hope you enjoy this one too! Juct click the Link to View it….

8th Night of Hanukkah

Until Next Time….Merry Christmas from My House to Yours!

xoxo Little Miss Titch

Its Christmas Eve!

Hello Blogville its you one and only Gossip Bunny with your Unofficial Countdown to all things Christmassy and the Holidays!

It’s Christmas Eve and Santa has already started his big flight across our skies while we all get ready for tomorrow and off early to bed so time for a story…

And time for another look at our Christmas Card Family…its grown….

Now its time for todays Jacquie Lawson Christmas Card, Just Click on the Link to view it…

Christmas Eve Card

And 7th night of Hanukkah Card….

7th Night of Hanukkah Card

Tomorrow is Christmas Day and is the last day of my countdown so I wish you a good night…Sweet Dreams to you all

XOXO Little Miss Titch

The Night Before Christmas Eve!

 Hello Blogville its you one and only gossip Bunny with your unofficial Countdown to all things Christmassy and the Holidays

One has to wonder hour fast time flies! only this time last year I was still a baby celebrating my 1st Christmas and now this is my 2nd Christmas and tomorrow is Christmas Eve…. it certainly flies fast! And now we are almost at the end of my Unofficial Countdown, it seems a little sad that my countdown is nearly finished. But I still have a few things to show you so here are some of the Christmas Lights in our Village….

There will be more tomorrow, I just need mum to upload some more Videos!

Now its time for todays Jacquie Lawson Christmas Card, Just Click on the Link to view it…

December 23rd Jacquie Lawson Christmas Card

And todays Hanukkah Card….

6th Night of Hanukkah Card

That’s all for Now until Next time 

xoxo Little Miss Titch

Time for the 2nd half of mummy’s mission for your Christmas fix

 Hello Blogville its your one and only Gossip Bunny with your Unofficial Countdown to all things Christmassy and the Holidays…

So as we creep ever so much closer to the Night that Santa takes his sleigh and reindeer across our skies we should all take a minute to stop everything that we are doing, just for a minute…to relax and reflect before we continue with all the rushing around to make sure we have everything ready for the big day and with that in mind here are the photos from Cotehele Mill….

Mummy did a great job on her mission while I was out side running around! Now I know that you must all be wondering How Roddy AKA Rodette the Hedgehog is doing, well she’s doing great and she wanted to show you and say hello herself…

Now its time for you Jacquie Lawson Christmas Card, Just click on the Ling to view it…

22nd December Jacquie Lawson Christmas Card

and todays Hanukkah Card, Just click on the link to view it…

5th Night of Hanukkah Card

Well that’s all until Next time

xoxo Little Miss Titch

On a Mission to get you your Christmas fix

 Hello Blogville its your one and only Gossip Bunny with your Unofficial Countdown to all things Christmassy and the Holidays!

Yesterday we went on a mission to Cotehele House to see their annual flower Garland, Unfortunately I was only allowed on the estate lands so I sent mummy in one her mission to take some photos while I had fun running around out in the parkland. So here is what she got…

Didn’t Mummy do a Great job? Anyway I had a great time running around and then we went down to the Mill as well but you’ll get to see that tomorrow!

Now its time for your Jacquie Lawson Christmas Card, just click on the Link to view it..

December 21 Jacquie Lawson Christmas Card

and for your Hanukkah Card just click on the link to view it…

Jacquie Lawson Hanukkah Card

That’s all for today but make sure you come back Tomorrow to see Cotehele Mill and your next cards

xoxo Little Miss Titch