Sunday Selfies with Fido our virtual Foster

Hi Everyone,Yes its time for Sunday Selfies so I thought I would introduce you all to our Virtual Foster Fido.We signed up to be a foster for Fido to help spread the word about the ASPCA’s #FindYourFido campaign as October is adopt a shelter dog month.Well Fido arrived this week so here are some photo’s of Fido settling in and me getting to know Fido….

a Spot of lunch…

and Fido just Hanging out…

Fido will be joining me on my adventures and living with us ,sharing our lives….he even has his own bed to sleep on , we will post more photo’s later in the week!


Sunday Selfies with The Cat on My Head


Sunday Selfies….Autographs and Updates

Hi everyone,I hope your having a great weekend….mine has been quiet so far for me but who knows what today may bring!

I did manage to get out for a short adventure one afternoon this week and as you can see some of the trees have lost their leaves already!

And some still have some leaves but are full of pretty colours….Isn’t that a great view?But for now I leave you with my Autograph!

Just a little update on Mickey the Hedgehog.Mummy was a little worried about him as he was doing funny poops…green sticky snotty poops which is a sign something is not right except for just before they hibernate then they do this type of poop to purge themselves in prep for their winter sleep and its to early for that.So mum kept Mickey in the back garden for a few days and checked him over.She ended up removing around 10 tics….big ones from his body….nasty horrible things!And then kept an eye on his poops….they improved and went back to normal so that is why he was digging and scratching him self in the webcam videos as she couldn’t see any fleas on him.So Mickey is back to coming and going as he pleases so hopefully that was the problem….keep you paws crossed for him…..oh and the unwanted guest rat well it hasn’t been back either so all is good at my place!


Sunday Selfies With The Cat on My Head

October Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

Did you know that October is Adopt a shelter dog month?Well the ASPCA asked us to Spread the word to help Shelter dogs find their forever homes with a campaign called #FindYourFido to show the public just how easily a shelter dog can fit into your lives and home !

Full size cutout
Small size cutout

All over the US Cardboard Cut outs will be travelling to Virtual Fosters where they get taken on lots of adventures with their host families who post those photo’s on social media like Facebook and twitter to promote adoptable shelter dogs all over the country using the #FindYourFido and here’s how you can join in…..

You can post a photo of your pet looking adorable and why adoption is important to you or you can ask to join it and be a virtual foster for Fido and post photo’s of him joining in with you adventures with the same #FindYourFido or you can do a blog post the ASPCA’s Campaign!

And Guess What….Fido will be coming to the House of Speedy to join me on my adventures so watch this Space….we are going to have so much fun!This Campaign can also help Shelter dogs here the UK by highlighting the need for homes for adoptable dogs here too….or any pet!

Sunday Selfies

Hi everyone!I hope you’re having a great weekend shame it will soon be Monday morning.Anyway some more adventure stuff for you all!

Here’s me in my New Carrier as we’re about to set of for an adventure!Mummy and I really like this carrier so soon we will be ready for a review but for now here’s my adventure!

Yes we are by the river again…I so miss the beach!

Mummy was trying to get some semi aerial shots not sure that they worked but they turned out nice enough!

And in case you missed Mickey the Hedgehogs Update take a look HERE!

Sunday Selfies with The Cat on My Head

Mickey the Hedgehog update

Hi everyone before we get on the Mickeys update I want to wish all my Canadian friends a Happy Thanks Giving,I hope you all get to feast on the good stuff what ever that is to you!

Ok now on to the business of Mickey’s Update!Mummy set up the Webcam in the Greenhouse and got lots of footage so we will just show you some of it just so you can see what Mickey gets up to when he stays in the greenhouse…. Mickey does this little circuit all night long with a little exploring around the green house to leave a poop and a pee mail for mummy to clear up…. Mickey also likes to scratch a lot so I’m guessing he has a flea or 2…

Then on Monday morning at around 4.45am mum caught this little snippit of Mickey deciding to go for a little walk about cause the weather had dried up you can see him checking to see if its dry on raining and then off he goes… only went off for a short walk about and came back the next night for his dinner….how ever we also got this on the webcam…… you saw right its a young rat….not a baby but not a fully grown adult either.Mum knew we had an extra guest but first thought it was a mouse because the droppings were so small,and it was leaving a little hoard of kibble under the shelving which she cleaned up every day but then the droppings got bigger and you can see this cheeky guy is going for the wet cat food and a few days of dinning out at the Hotel Speedy and its grown to big to be a mouse…..mum said she draws the line at rats so this fellow had to go!So she cleared out under the shed Reggie the old hedgehogs nest site and some other stuff out of the greenhouse and Dad did a lot of crashing about and did try to catch it but failed how ever since Mickey went walk about for 24 hours there has been no sign of the rat…no droppings and mum hasn’t had to leave so much food for Mickey either because no uninvited guests have been visiting….so paws crossed Mummy and Daddy have scared it off…..keep all your paws crossed other wise mummy will have to get a trap for it!


Thank you for all the Birthday wishes and Cards

I just wanted to say Thank You to all of you who sent me Birthday wishes and a really Big THANK YOU to those that sent me birthday cards and here they are………….

From Murphy and Maila and Aunty Alexa


From Angel Mr Mick and Aunty Jade


from Dougie,Zoe and Aunty Ann at Zoolatry


From Suzie and Aunty Tracy


From Aunty Kathy


From Aunty Kathy
From Chanel Bunny and Aunty Gagori


From Cin and Fin


From Miss Lola and Aunty Jade


from Aunty Drea


From Ollie and Lola and Aunty Sherina


From Aunty Sabine

I had a pawsome day with lots of snuggles with mummy!

Sunday Selfies….its Adventure time!

Yay its Sunday Selfies with the Cat on My Head!And boy are you in for a treat cause not only do you have the photos from my adventure on Thursday but I manage to get out for an hour yesterday during a break in the rain…..Yay for me!







so that’s me zooming off now for my close ups!










and now for yesterdays outing!















So there you have it my adventures for the week!Mum did get some clips of Mickey the Hedgehog but she wants to lover the camera for a clearer view of Mickey so we will do an up date in the week with all the new clips.Have a great Sunday everyone!