Its a new Season!

Well Fall has come,the trees are starting to change colour and are starting to drop and after it being quiet on the hedgehog front for a few weeks.The Smallest one has come back and has moved into one of the Hedgehog houses.The house is just off the left of the camera so you can’t see it but we do see her going in and out of it.Mummy needs to move the Camera a bit. move the other house to the other side of the tree because the Hogs had stopped going in there.Its seems they are keen to have it too close to the feed station because they don’t like to be disturbed while they are sleeping.So we will see if another hog will take up residence in that one now.We do have one other Hog that comes a couple times a week,that one is a bigger one.lets hope the rest come back soon!

Now time for a little bit of me!

Me this week up on the moors

Sunday Selfies with The Cat on My Head



Sunday Selfies….Late but worth the wait!

I know it’s Monday but Mum took me to see an Important Person today so its worth the wait till today for my Sunday Selfie Post….Trust me it really is!

 The New Bridge at Tintagel is open….granting easy access to me and my Stroller!

















Me taking it easy and having a spot of lunch!Now for the Best Bit!!!!

Me and the King with mummy!


Sunday Selfies with The Cat on My Head

The last moments of our road trip

Well yesterday was nice and we went back to Charmouth,met a nice Staffy called Tilly who was interested in me in a nice way but totally fell in love with mummy….lets just say cuddles and kisses were given but no photos taken.




We saw more Baby Bunnies at the playground and then we had a hearty breakfast before coming home this morning….










What fab place to stay!We had such a lovely stay at the George Inn at Chardstock.

Sorry for not being around Selfies

Today is Sorry for not being around selfies….we had a bit of a problem which we needed to fix for my safety….but first lets do my Garden Selfies….







Then we had this surprise over the house Yesterday!








Now onto the problem.I don’t know if you remember but back along we had a problem with rats coming into my garden from somebody else’s garden,well it got a bit out of hand with them being out in the day as well which meant it wasn’t safe for me to go out there and mummy got very cross about it all she ended up getting pest control out and finally it looks like they have gone.Then she said no more of them getting in again so she has wire fenced it up like fort knox to deter them from getting in….there is no food for them to be attracted to it was just a nice nest spot under the shed.The hope is that if its difficult to get in and nothing to attract them then it should put them off….we hope!


Sunday Selfies with The Cat on My Head

Hello….it’s been a while!

Hello…it’s been a while since I have posted.And boy have we been busy!First mum got a new trail camera to film the Hedgehogs….mum is still trying to decide on the best position for it but here are some clips we got on it….

Cool camera isn’t it? Any way mum has been busy doing jobs in the garden like painting the gate and other jobs but she did take me out on some days out here and there.but has to be said we have had a lot of rubbish weather so its been tricky…

















This was at Lanhydrock….that was a fun day out!and then I went here….






This was at Boscastle and yesterday we went to the Beach!But I wasn’t interested in running around….I just wanted to chill out!


So there you have it plus a few extra jobs around the house to many to list….Hopefully we can get back to normal programing now!


Sunday Selfies with The Cat on My Head

Hello, long time no see!

Hello,long time no see!Gosh it seems like forever since I’ve blogged!Is anybody out there?Well I went on vacation with my parents and it went like this…..

 My first outing at the ponds

 Mama and Papa and babies first sighting at the ponds

 Me chilling…

 Mama,Papa and babies

 Lost Gardens of Heligan

And then something bad happened the goslings got taken leaving a sad mama and papa Geese…..

 mummy gave them a snack cause they were sad

Here is the villain of the peace!

 Me chilling with dad!

 we met this fellow at the holiday park…

and my last day before we went home!

While we were away Mr Mickey came home but now he’s gone walkabout ….Chasing the girls we think!But we have had lots of Hedgehog visits from others…Black spot,Reggie,Lola and Mickey we think so the garden has been busy.Then Mummy caught a cold and has been poorly all week but she still took me to the beach last weekend and up on the moors…

So there you have it 2 or 3 weeks summed up!

Sunday Selfies with The Cat on My Head