Its Time To Party!Arrgh Mates Gather round!

Come Gather round all ye scurvy sea dog and and all manner of scoundrels its Time for Me Party so let me introduce ye all to me Pirate Mates!New Pirates will be add over thee next couple of days till 22nd September at Mid night UK time So ye St be ‘aving time to join thee rest of us and Party!And remember the best Dressed pirate will win me treasure!And don’t forget to Hop over to me Facebook Party too!

First we ‘ave me Canadian Kitty mates…. Kali

and Shoko…

Then we ‘ave our southern Gals….Dezi

and Raena…

Then we ‘ave Hailey

And Zaphod….

Then there be Teddy

Then there be Da Pheny

Then there be Tails around the ranch

Then there be Marvelous……

And ‘is crew…

And then we ‘ave Madi

And now there be The Real Cats Crew

Then We ‘ave Captain Felix Grey…

and Captain Q Tip…

Then there be Pirates Lucky and Mandi…

Then we ‘ave thee crew from ATCAD…Pirate Yang

Pirates Tuiren and Chimera…

And Pirates Scylla,Fenris and Yin searching for thee treasure…

Then we ‘ave Pirate Siddhartha Henry

And we ‘ave Pirate Bryce…

‘ere be Pirate Zoey and Captain Dougie

Zoey and Dougie

Tis Captains Murphy and Stanley to join thee fun!


Captains Cody and Dakota have join thee fun!

Thee Crew from The Cat on My Head has Arrived for thee Gathering with Captains Cooper Murphy and Mauricio in their full regalia!

Now We ‘ave thee Ghetto Pirate girl her self Cap’t La Tessa Rose…

Arrrgh its a blast from thee past Miss Captain Angel Nylablue!

Tis time for another Bun Captain….Tis Bun Captain Finn..

And now Tis time for Captain Hunter thee Brave!

This ‘ere be Sir Jack Swashbuckler Barkaneer and Captain Pipo Fang from thee Meezer’s Mews & Freckle’s Woofs Crew

Tis the Lone Star Cats crew for Thee late arrivals….

And ‘ere we ‘ave Cap’n Kinley and… First mate Brinley!

Now then me Hearties lets Join Felix Gray for thee Hula!

Now for some Pirate music…

Now tis time thee grog to quench ye thirst and to partake in thee grub to satify thee hunger in ye bellies!
















For thee Meaties out there!










And for The Veggies…














Sunday Selfies vacations and Updates

Yes its Sunday so that means its time for Sunday Selfies so I thought I would share some snaps with you from my little vacation…

this one is a bit blurry but its me travelling in the car,mummy has gotten me a new carrier so I can look out at the view or just go to sleep if I want to but I’ll share more on that in the future…

This is me in my Stroller….I went on my first train ride….how cool is that!

Me playing in front of the crowed!

One of the Locals!

Look I’m scrambling!

Pretty beach!

Me I found a smugglers cave!

Another day at the beach….life is good!

No filters or effects this is me at the beach being Devilishly Handsome!

Hey Everyone I’m just chilling at my Vacation Pad!

Now for some Updates and Reminders Don’t forget its my Pirate Party on Tuesday 19th September right through to 22nd so send in your photos of you in your best costumes either by Email  to or direct to my Party event on Facebook

And now For an Update on Mickey the Hedgehog,well a couple of days ago he went walk about mummy is still putting food down for him in case he wants to come back but if not we we wish him good luck and we thank him for stopping by and letting us help him when he needed it!Its as it should be Mickey is back in the wild so all is good!

Sunday Selfies with The Cat on My Head

Speedy’s Annual Pirate Party 

Arrgh me hearties tis time to announce me annual pirate party !So get ye costumes dusted off and send ye photos to me at,thee party starts on 19th September here on my blog and there Will be a Facebook event that will be up and running on thee weekend.

Thee party closes 22nd September and then voting will start on Saturday 23rd September here and on Facebook to be in with a chance of winning me treasure trove! 

So I wish ye good luck and be seeing ye at thee party! 

Sunday Selfie time but with Movies!

Yes it Sunday Selfie time but this last week the weather has been bad again so no new adventures for me so I thought I would share with you the movies from my last hiking adventure…. youtube link

I hope you enjoyed my movies and I hope you have a wonderful Sunday!Those of you in the Path of Irma stay safe and we will keep you in our thoughts.


Sunday Selfies with The Cat on My Head

Disaster preparedness for Pets……Are you ready?

Gosh its been an awful time in the US with the recent hit from Hurricane Harvey,Now Hurricane Irma is on its way having already hit the Caribbean and is being followed by Jose plus there is Katia over by Mexico.Mum said she has never heard of 3 hurricanes being in that area before all at the same time.So when The ASPCA asked if we could get this important message out we knew we had to say yes!

The ASPCA has been on the ground in Texas and these photo’s show the hard work they have been doing there…for all the info on the work they have been doing,you can read it HERE




So with Irma on its way and soon to be followed by Jose I want you to ask yourselves are you ready for these Hurricanes?Are you prepared to keep you pets safe?The ASPCA have a Special App with all sorts of tips on how to be prepared for a disaster like this.

So I’m here to ask you if you feel you’re not quite ready for a disaster then you should download the app and try it out,You can download the App HERE and the ASPCA want you to take the Pledge to get yourselves prepared which you can do HERE .The App will help with great tips and info in preparation for any disaster so you should check it out.

We Hope that all our friends stay safe through these awful hurricanes that are headed their way!

Look who’s Back!

Remember back in July we had a new young hedgehog turn up in our garden?And remember it had to go to the vets as it was coming out in the day to look for food?

Well after his trip to the vets he went to stay with Uncle Colin (my sitter) and Aunty Annie for rehabilitation.Its taken all this time to get it well ,with lots of injections for heart worm and lots of TLC from them.I that time we found out the he’s a boy and he nearly came home a couple of weeks ago but they found he was losing weight again so he needed another round on injections.Anyway Mummy collected him on Sunday and he was 501 grams which was double what he was,

but he did lose a bit during that week so we were asked to put him in our greenhouse nest box and only let him have the run of the back garden and to bring him back to be weighed yesterday.The good news is his weight is stable….in fact he’s gained a bit as he’s now 529 grams so he was put back in the greenhouse nest box.

He’s yet to start venturing in the back garden,as he hasn’t felt safe enough to leave the greenhouse to explore.We know this as he is only pooping in one corner of the green house and not in the garden…..hehehe so mummy has to clean up after him every couple of days or so.Who knew hedgehog poop was so stinky!Anyway he will be kept to the back garden until he is coming out to explore the garden and then as soon as we get a nice stretch of weather we will then open up the front garden for him to explore and he can decide to stay or leave.But as the weather is turning colder at night now….yes its definitely Autumnal here, there is a good chance he may want to stay and nest for the winter which is fine by us.

As you can see from the photos mummy took on Sunday He face was a bit swollen from all his injections but yesterday the swelling had reduced by half and was definitely looking much better.So he will be left in his box now to get used to his home again with mum leaving his food in the green house.

So we decided to call him Mickey after my old pal Mr Mick who crossed the rainbow bridge a while ago,So wish Mickey so good luck that he continues to do well.

Sunday Selfies!

So first up I have to say I am Sorry for only posting Sunday Selfies lately.I’m Afraid Mummy has been a bit Busy lately so she hasn’t been able to help me with my blogs But hopefully things will settle a bit now.Anyway here’s my latest adventure….

Starting with my Selfie!

As you can see me and mum went for a bit of a Hike up a tor no less!


Sunday Selfies with The Cat on My Head

And if you get the chance hop over to Carma for My latest report!

Speedy Review Sansbug Pop up Mosquito Net tent

Hello and welcome to another Speedy review.We was sent a Sansbug Pop up Mosquito net tent to do a review and see how it would work as a pop up play pen for Speedy.You can purchase the Sansbug pop up tent from Amazon there are 3 options available in this size tent:1 person poly floor Sansbug pop up tent

1 person tarp floor Sansbug pop up tent

1 person all mesh poly floor Sansbug pop up tent

These are also available on Amazon in the US you can click here to see the options available

here is a demo video on how to use the tent with a direct Youtube link here

It was very easy to erect and to fold down again.I like the carry bag as it has straps that you can use to carry on your back ,its also very light weight so all this makes it easy to transport.It measures 86″ x 39″ x 35″ and folds down to 26″ disc for the storage bag.


We used is a few times on trips to the beach and in the garden to get Speedy used to the tent

And while he would go inside to investigate the tent he wouldn’t stay inside for long

And every time I zipped the tent up with him inside he would try to chew his way out.I’m afraid the Speedy is a chewer and can get grumpy easily.He just wasn’t having him self enclosed in side the tent.

So as a pop up play pen for Speedy this was a fail for him as I think that he is to old to start using something like this as a play pen and coupled with the fact that he chews and destroys things when he is in a bad temper it just doesn’t work.We are planing a camping trip at some point so this will be great to put his metal play pen inside to keep it bug free so this will be very useful then And then we will do another review on how that trip went.

To sum this Pop up tent from Sansbug as a pop up play pen……

1:The tent can provide a safe play area outdoors so that your pet doesn’t feel left out when you are in the garden,on your deck or at a nice picnic spot.

2: It can keep them away from the Christmas tree and presents and keep them safe when you’re doing home renovations.

3:It can provide your pet with a stress free environment over the Christmas and holiday periods or when you have guest,by keeping the separated from unwanted petting and unfamiliar guests.

4:It can prevent your pet from spraying and scratching in a hotel room when you are travelling with your pet.

5:For cats and puppies I would say that this would be great to use as a play pen and as safe way to keep them safe and being used as a way to introduce a new pet in to the home.I also thing it would be good with Guinea pigs and pet hedgehogs as an actual playpen to be able to stretch their legs without getting in to mischief.With Rabbits yes I do think it can work if your rabbit isn’t a big chewer like Speedy or if you use it with a young rabbit so that they get used to it from a young age.

I would not recommend leaving your pet unattended in the tent or use it for nervous pets as the mesh is fine and can tear easily

And I will certainly try this tent with any future bunnies and I look forward to trying it on our camping trip to keep Speedy’s play pen bug free.

Disclaimer: We wasn’t paid for this review.We was sent a free tent to trial with Speedy and all opinions are our own.