Guess Who?

 Guess Who?Yup its me Speedy been a while hasn’t it?Well we are all ok not doing very much because the tourists are down here in their droves and well they have no idea on social distancing So there have been no new adventures for me.So here’s a selfie of me to remind you all of me….

Its a good one of me considering I am all scruffy.I am shedding my coat everywhere my back has gone and left me with a short patch,I have short patches everywhere and it’s driving mum crazy with all my fine loss fluff going up her nose and in her eyes..

Well Bird is doing well pretty much independent though still comes for breaky and sometimes later in the day for snacks and water and of course a bath.The hedgehogs are eating us out of house and home,So we are all good!Hope you are all doing well too!

New Arrivals at the Hotel Speedy

Meet Pupmite! Pupmite is a new Baby Juvenile Hedgehog.It was brought to our garden by its mum…who we think is Pup. Pupmite has been staying in the middle nest box in our garden…

And this fellow is a young Jackdaw that hangs in the garden all day for the last few days.At first it seemed a bit weak,like it was struggling a bit but now its much bright and flies off and then comes back.Mum and Dad have been feeding it so it can get stronger.Dad reckons there is something not quite right with it but mum reckons its a late developer from this years batch.just unusual to see it hanging around in our garden and not mixing with the others local to where we live.Anyway Bird as Dad calls it is doing much better…bet Bird will be at our place at 6.30am tomorrow!Any way meet Bird…

Well that’s all for now at the Hotel Speedy!

Where has the time gone?

Where has the time gone?Mum was supposed to have done a post about the Hedgehogs in the garden but that went bye bye….The reason is I have a swollen right front paw.don’t mind the photo it was taken before mum bathed it….

So since Monday I have been on a course of antibiotics and painkiller with daily foot baths to keep it clean,it now looks like this..

the redness has reduce and a little bit of the swelling has gone down,but it is still a bit swollen and sore so this is being emailed to the vets to see if they want to see me or give me something else.

As for Pup the female and Hogmite the male hedgehogs that over wintered in the green house they have successfully been released….but to our surprise they mated before Hogmite went off on walk about looking for more ladies.Pup stayed for a while but she has gone walk about too but I think hse still comes for a bit of food and water sometimes.But We have a new visitor another male who comes for dinner one of last years babies…could even be pups brother who disappeared.And Pups Mum has moved back for a bit too.Mummy has some video footage to upload but she has been busy with me and the garden so she hasn’t had much time to do it but she will…at some point!

Also we heard Brian’s Dad Terry has been poorly and is in Hospital so we Hope he feels better soon!


Sunday Selfies with the Cat onMy Head

Hello!I’m Back from a little break

I know its been a few weeks since I last posted.Who knew the being on Lock Down would create so much work at home.So when the restrictions started Mum started this…

The Garden went from this to this…

Then she started doing veggies and repurposed some stuff to make a raised veggie bed….

she did some herbs,dwarf runner beans,carrots,potatoes and tomatoes in the greenhouse!

The garden then looked like this….

Mummy has got some other veg and herbs going in the green house and the tomatoes are now little plants.Mum has some new seeds to start and she has some more on order,So that is a work in progress.However the garden now looks like this….

As you can see the grass is growing,as are the potatoes,carrots,strawberries and some more runner beans.Mum has been very busy even the sheds have been painted but need some new felt for the wooden shed roof. ans there are some other jobs to continue with like cutting the grass in places out the front garden.But all the Hedgehog nest boxes are out the front but I’ll tell you all about my prickly friends in the week…I have so much to tell you about them.

But today I got to do this….

And I had this great thank you gift from Valentine  at Noir Kitty Mews,he invited me to do a fun interview with him.It was lots of fun so you should go take a look if you haven’t already

Anyway I’ll tell you all about the Hedgies in the week…Stay safe and have fun!


Sunday Selfies with The Cat on My Head

Weekend Plans and for the next few weeks

Well Looks like We have Spring weather finally so Mum had a hearty breakfast

And I had mine too…

Then I had a bit of this…

As it was very windy outside I stayed inside.But today is a different day the wind has dropped so mum is doing some projects in the garden.All the wind,rain and winter storms we have had has taken its toll on the fencing so it needs a bit of TLC.Mum wants to plant out all the plants she has in pots because she says there are to many and she wants to improve the drainage in the bottom of the garden so that means putting the honey suckles,the bay tree bush,a fancy acer that is pot bound and the apple tree in the ground to drink all the water up plus lots of other plants.She also wants to try some carrots,and some runner beans down there and some tomatoes and may be some other veggie bits, plus some herbs and so pepper she has already started in the kitchen for a herb garden in one of the pots she will free up.she figures she just as well concentrate on the garden if she is going to be stuck at home a lot for the next couple of months.

Don’t worry we will still go to people free spots in the countryside to break the cabin fever and stretch our legs.

The Hedgehogs are doing well with Hogmite living in the front garden and chowing down there.Pup is still in the back garden in the greenhouse as it is still cold at night but her heat pad is slowly being turned down with the hope to turn it off at the end of the week and at some point over the next few weeks if the weather holds mum said she will find a nice sheltered spot in the back garden for her box and then she can go where ever she likes.So that’s what we are up to for now while we are in partial lock down across the country.Mum will still be working as she is a key worker and is helping to feed the country thought she did say that with all the panic buying everybody is doing they shouldn’t need any more for a few weeks…but no people are still panic buying and some are just being horrible to the staff where she works because the shelves keep being stripped bare and they are having trouble getting stock to fill the shelves….So she just smiles but she won’t put up with bad behavior from those people who are horrible,she’s a tough cookie my mum.Anyway I hope your lockdowns with your peeps is going well so stay safe everyone!


Sunday Selfies with the Cat on My Head

Apparently it is supposed to be Spring?!!

Well apparently it is supposed to be Spring now….Well I can’t see her,feel her or smell her….So where is she?We have had rain…not warm rain but cold rain since September and its still doing it…I am so bored with it now.Even the Hedgehogs are bored with it.Hogmite moved out of the greenhouse again so mum move his box to the front garden cause he’s been hanging around out there so now last night he moved back into the greenhouse into Pup’s empty box…Go figure!Anyway mum said she’s not moving his box again as he will move out of the greenhouse as soon as the weather gets better and if need be she can release Pup from the greenhouse in her hutch by leaving the big door open on the hutch.Mum said the forecast for next week is the same as this week but it looks like the week after is going to dry up a bit so she things Hogmite will move out again,she also said his hormones will kick in and he will start to think about all the ladies out there so he will go off gallivanting what ever that means!Anyway yes Pup is home from the rehab lady and has settled in nicely to her hutch and is eating well,we just need better weather to get her ready for release!

Anyway since its supposed to be Spring here’s a photo from last Spring….


Sunday Selfies with the Cat on My Head

All systems are go!

5 4 3 2 1 All systems are go!! Yes finally Mummy is happy,the PC is back!All newly rebuilt with pretty much everything inside all new… a brand new PC only not completely.



Anyway we have News on the Hedgehog front.Pup’s mum has come back after her 2nd half winter sleep, and she’s moved back into her nest box in the front garden. Hogmite paid a visit to the front garden and well got shoved about by Pup’s mum but he’s still living in the greenhouse so here is last nights footage….

And well I’m still here same as usual staying indoors out of the wet and the wind….