Friday Surprise From Ann at Zoolarty

OMB We are so excited today!Mummy open our email box just now to find we had a email from Dougie Dog,Zoey and their Mummy Ann from ZOOLARTY.

You can imagine our surprise when we read the lovely email and saw these to Headers attached to the email……

Aren’t they Fabulous?We love their work and I am sure you have seen other fine examples that they have done for many of our friends in Blogville!

So we want to Say a BIG THANK YOU to Mummy Ann over at ZOOLARTY for these beautiful Headers and to say we can’t wait to use them!

Now for another Reggie the Hedgehog Up Date:

Reggie hasn’t gone back to sleep which we are very thankful for because it really wouldn’t be good for Reggie to do that.He has been chowing down and eating everything mummy has been putting out for him.She has been gradually increasing the amount that she has been putting in his bowl each day.Here is today offering for Reggie…

This week she decide to buy some Hedgehog kibble to use instead of the cat kibble as Reggie wasn’t eating it all as she thought it might be difficult to get his / her little mouth around them.the first night she tried them with food Reggie left them behind so last night Mummy broke them up in to smaller pieces this morning Reggie’s bowl was completely empty so mummy will keep breaking them up for Reggie.So tonight’s dinner is Cesar classic pate doggy food in chicken and turkey with broken up hedgehog kibble and some meal worms on top with a nice drink of fresh water….hope he / she likes the menu tonight!

Reggie the Hedgehog UPDATE!

Reggie The Hedgehog Up Date!


Well remember the little fella that Mum and Dad rescued?Well we fed him/her and gave him/her a few nest options which Reggie decided under the shed was the perfect spot to nest under.We also fed Reggie until Christmas Day as after that Reggie decided to hibernate for the rest of the winter.

Mummy continued to leave dry cat food and meal worms and fresh water under the shed for him/her in case Reggie woke up.

Well the last couple of weeks we began hearing about Hedgehog sightings on the internet and in the local town….but no sign of Reggie….But yesterday mummy checked the food and water bowls….and guess what? Some of the cat biscuits and all the meal worms were gone and the water bowl had been disturbed too!

And when mummy brought the bowls in to clean and refill she saw little hedgehog paw prints on the side of the bowl.Mum was hoping she wasn’t wrong and that Reggie had woken up.So with that hope she refilled the bowls with fresh food and water…..only this time she put wet cat food with some cat biscuits and meal worms on top and put them under the shed!

Well the good News is Reggie has definitely woken up….The bowl was practically empty when mummy checked it this afternoon… the bowls have been refilled and put back under the shed.The down side is its gone like winter again…..we had a big hail storm and it turned everything white and there is snow on the moors!What a time for Reggie to wake up!Still we shall keep feeding him/her because Hedgehogs can lose almost half their body weight when they hibernate.So for the next few weeks we will fatten Reggie up before opening up the back garden so that he/she has a good start.Then Reggie can explore the front garden as well and then leave or stay if he or she wants too,But for now we will give you regular updates and mummy said she will try to get a photo if she can.But we think at the moment Reggie is just chowing down on the food we are giving and then going back to sleep as He/She must be pretty weak from Hibernating… watch out for more Up Dates!

Disapproving Bun Day will be back Next week!

Sunday Selfie and Movie day!

Well gosh things have been busy here with outings and coming and goings from visitors as well ,that mummy forgot to do my movie day post so today we have Sunday Selfies with The Cat on my Head and Movie Day rolled in to one post!

So lets do the Sunday Selfies first as Mummy got a new smartphone with a fancy camera built in…


and here I was thinking time for some treats…..





Now time for Movie Day!

And as I was trying to scare some snacks from mummy when she was taking photos of me she filmed it as well…. for a trip down the Bunny Trails…..these were done with the old phone….. photos were taken with the old phone!Bunny holes and poops!





Well I hope you enjoy my to for one post today

Disapproving Bun Day!

Hi Everyone! Sorry its a day late but mum was busy working yesterday so we thought it would be okay to do this today!Any way Today as you can see its me…..hehehehe!

                      “What’s taking you so long slow coach?”

Hehehehe mum is such a slow coach some times!

Don’t forget we always need more photos of your disapproving bunnies so send them into me at

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Sunday Selfies….at the beach!

Its time for Sunday Selfies with the Cat on My Head!Today’s selfie was taken at the beach.mum and me went twice this week cause the weather was great…..its not so good this morning though!

Mum took this one of me Surveying the beach from the dunes….

and then I turned around to Take my own Selfie….turned out pretty good I think!

So Are you going to follow me up the dunes everyone?

and then it was time for a little rest and snack time at my base came!


Sunday Selfies with The Cat on My Head!

Speedy’s Movie Day!

Yeah its Friday and yes its Movie Day…..That has got to be the best day of the week for you all!You’re in for a treat today cause I got to go to the beach Yesterday so here are the Movies of my adventure…. even did a little treasure hunting…..hehehe we found 26 pence…..hehehehe

Hope you enjoyed the show!

Disapproving Bun Day!

This week we have another Angel Bun its Mr Mick,I sure do miss my sidekick pal and the grand adventures we went on….mind you he wasn’t a sidekick really but just a great buddy!

“Never mind photo’s! Wheres my Bluberries? Aunty Lorna always has the best Blueberries…..”

Many thank to Aunty Jade for sending this one in!

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Sunday Selfies and the answer to Fridays Question!

This is from my Summer Holiday in Kent as the weather is not great I thought we all could do with a bit of summer about now!Now onto the answer to Fridays question…..

I Asked you to all guess where Mummy and me went on our Thursday outing it was just me and her ….if you want to read about the adventure click here!

Ok we went to the Plymouth Hoe and Smeaton’s Tower is the Light House!we had 2 right guessers with my Aunty Edie guessing Plymouth and my dearest Nellie Bellie she Guessed Smeaton’s Tower in Plymouth!But as this was just for fun I’m sending lots of kisses to you both!


Sunday Selfies with the Cat on My Head

Speedy’s Movie Day

Hello everyone!Just one Movie today and a little story…..but first the movie! for the little Story….Yesterday I did go on an adventure but mum didn’t take any movies or photo’s of me because it was a day just for me and mummy.We went out with me in my stroller… Speedy mobile and she took me for my first ever Bus journey it lasted about 45 minutes.When we got of the bus we nipped in to a shop to see a friend of mummy’s who knows all about me but has never actually met me….hehehehe and he loved me!

Then it was time to take me to a well known spot and this is were we ended up!



And this is where I had a good run around and nibble.I had so much fun running about.It was a little windy but the sun was warm.When I got tired I let mum know and she popped me back in my Speedy Mobile and headed back to catch the bus back home but first we stopped off at an outdoor cafe where mummy had a cup of tea and a flapjack and I had my snacks….the best bit is mummy gave me a treat!She shared a bit of her flap jack with me just because it was our day out!Then it was time to catch the bus back to our village and the walk back home….it was the best mummy time ever!

Now we haven’t said where we went…we want to see if you can guess or find out where this is just for fun!We will let you know on Selfie Sunday where this was!So guess away in the comments below!