Sunday Selfies Throw back!

Hi everyone its time for Sunday Selfies so I thought I would pick out an throw back  for a selfie photo

This was taken at the beach around a year ago….it was freezing but I was snug in my tartan coat!

If you have enough time please hop on over to Carma for my latest report its a throw back too with some giggles


Sunday Selfie’s with The Cat on My Head


Sunday Selfies

No adventures this week cause it keeps raining so this is me getting my easy on while mummy was getting wet in the garden….remember the uninvited guest that was stealing Mickey the Hedgehogs food?Well it was stealing the bird for in the front garden and it set up home in the rockery.So mum had been clearing out all the plants that were still there and dismantled it and basically dug out the nest and well the uninvited guest has scarped with out mum having to do something about it…..I guess it thought it wore out its welcome and left so hopefully that is the last we will see of it!

Any way it time for Sunday Selfies so we are doing a throw back selfie….

to the last time we had a sprinkle of snow…..that was a couple of years ago!


Sunday Selfies with The Cat on My Head

Sunday Selfies Adventures and News Updates!

Hi everyone!I hope you’re having a great weekend!Its time to join Sunday Selfies with The Cat on My Head.







This week the weather has been nice and dry if chilly at times so we managed to get out for a walk everyday ending with a trip to the beach on Friday!

 we went up on the moors and saw another Robin!


But the weather is much colder now and wet with hail so the walks have stopped for now and tonight is Guy Fawkes Night so there will be lots of fire works going off and any one who is having a bonfire can you check them and rebuild them so no little Hedgehogs will get hurt by them.Mickey our little wild Hedgehog we think is living under our shed because mummy put some fresh bedding under there and it has moved.She leaves a little bowl of kibble and meal worms just a few cause to many is bad for them under there and then leave his main dinner in the greenhouse with a bowl of water and all that is left is a few crumbs or an odd piece of kibble and what water he doesn’t drink.with the weather getting colder mummy will increase his dinner portion a bit to make sure he has enough to eat because natural food will get harder for him to find now and we want to keep his weight up for his big winter sleep.

And just a little heads up every year I have my Christmas and Holiday Count Down which Starts on the 1st December….well this year is no Different So in a a week or so I will tell you more about it!


Dona Nobis Pacem #Blog4Peace

For Centuries Human Kind has looked up at the stars in our night sky and wondered at that natural beauty that we see!With the Technological advances that we have made we are able to look at our Planet and wonder at the beauty of the place we call home…..but beneath the stratosphere on the surface Human kind lives in turmoil and uncertainty…..Today now more than ever Human Kind needs to join in one loud voice No more Violence,No more Hatred!Now is the time to Unite in Peace….to save our world….our Beautiful Blue Planet!Today we join thousands of Bloggers who Blog For Peace!Today we are One Voice United in Peace…..United in Harmony and Tolerance.Today we need to learn to understand our differences and appreciate those unique differences….Appreciate our Unique Differences that make Human Kind amazing…..Let us celebrate how Amazing Human Kind is and How Amazing our Home Truly is!I am a peace blogging Bunny Who hopes that Human kind will follow my paw prints to that goal of world peace in these uncertain times……

Dona Nobis Pacem…..Grant us Peace!

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Halloween High Jinks

Its Halloween ,Speedy and Fido went out for adventure

Exploring they went along the river bank…

They rounded the corner the mist and gloom rolled in all eerie…..

Onward they went through the gloom….

The gloom deepened ,then there was a flash!…..

And there a queer House did appear!…..

Another flash and our duo felt queer!…

And as if by magic they were dressed for Halloween!……

Happy Halloween Everyone!

The Day before Halloween Adventures

Hi everyone Me and Fido Managed to get out Yesterday and today as the sun was out and mummy said we should make the most of it….so first we went to Hexworthy by the river …













then we nipped to Badgers Holt on the same river….






and then today we just went to a local stretch of the moors….













and we had this fellow sing to us while we was there…



a cute little Robin!

Now don’t forget to come back tomorrow for my Halloween Special!

Sunday Selfies with Fido our virtual Foster

Hi Everyone,Yes its time for Sunday Selfies so I thought I would introduce you all to our Virtual Foster Fido.We signed up to be a foster for Fido to help spread the word about the ASPCA’s #FindYourFido campaign as October is adopt a shelter dog month.Well Fido arrived this week so here are some photo’s of Fido settling in and me getting to know Fido….

a Spot of lunch…

and Fido just Hanging out…

Fido will be joining me on my adventures and living with us ,sharing our lives….he even has his own bed to sleep on , we will post more photo’s later in the week!


Sunday Selfies with The Cat on My Head