And My Three Winners for my Christmas Countdown are…..


First I want to wish you all a Happy New Year ,but to find out the winners of my Christmas Countdown click on the photo and Hop on over to my main Blog!xx Speedy


UPDATE POSSIBLE EMERGENCY 🚑🚑 IT IS 936PM CENTRAL TIME You gracious people are trying to get him to vet but no I’m still in need of assistance vet told me that they would not see him unless I had payment in full for the current visit so they are zeroed out right now with a credit of $30 but unless I have the funds they will not see him the x-ray is $75 because of his platelet problem they’ll probably do another blood test cuz of possibility internal bleeding if it is an obstruction last few times that was $120.00  and then the office visit I don’t even know what the total is going to be but my family they paid my electric and gas for this month because I pawned everything I own I’ve been putting everything in to Blackie because there is nothing I won’t do for him. Sincerely apologize for any inconvenience but food for thought it can have nothing to do with the Christmas dinner. Well starting at about midnight last night Blackie started throwing up the Christmas ham (which was fully cooked) lol and the chunks of the bone. Now we have been given them Blackie and his mom whom we had to put down 3 days before Blackie hurt his ear. Anyways we have given them ham and bone since he was little over a year old. He isn’t drinking very much water and you can see how yucky he feels by pics. I called vet they said could be obstruction needs to get x-ray but they won’t see him until $130 balance paid off well enough was donated to pay that off . I have little left on card to pay some and to get gas to get there (which is 3 towns away). The vet address fax number phone number name the card will be posted on my Facebook page if you choose you can make donation straight to them. Although this may be my fault there was no reason to expect any problems from something that I’ve done his whole life. Thank you Michelle and Blackie 🎈GOFUNDME🎈 YOUCARING FACEBOOK GOOGLE PLUS VKONTAKTE FLICKR TUMBLR VIMO WORDPRESS MY E-MAILS FB – GMAIL – YAHOO – 

Blackie and his mum need a little help



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