Sunday Selfies….Oh What a week!

Hi everyone I have had the best week this week,Mummy was home all week and that meant fun in the garden at times,going on adventures with Mummy,lots of cuddles and yes being left behind as mummy had a couple of adventures that I couldn’t go on.So let’s start with my adventures first up my usual spot by the river on the moors…. to my favourite woods ,I haven’t been here for ages!

And yes I had a little snooze too!Mummy went to Compton Castle…..

and she went to Tinagel where she visited The Old Post Office again and the Castle and the 1400 year old Church

Now for Me time and some Snapshots of me!



me by the river….











And of course we have to have one of me and mummy!


Sunday Selfies with The Cat on My Head



Selfies and Winners!

Good Morning Everyone!It’s Sunday again so it’s time for my Selfie and then on to the job of announcing the winners of my Best Dressed Pirate Competition.But first it’s Selfie time!

Well not strictly selfies but they are from my last walk I had which seemed like ages ago cause we have had lots of wet and windy weather…..on that front the wind and the rain will be clearing out this afternoon just in time for Monday which is great cause mummy is home all of next week so the means extra long cuddles and lots of fun outings because the weather is going to good….nice sunny but Autumnal days YAY!!!!

Sunday Selfies With The Cat on My Head

 Now earlier in my post and on the title of this post I said Winners!Yes it’s time to Announce my Winners because it was a fierce Battle for all of you who entered my Best Dressed Pirate Competition ,But what do we expect from a bunch of Pirates?Of course it would be a fierce Battle since all the entries got votes but it came down to the wire Between 2 Fierce Pirates No: 5 Cap’n Hermann Wool Sock and No: 13 The Lone Star Crew and in the end they Ended up with an Equal number of votes So we Have 2 Winners…..

My Bun Buddy Cap’n Hermann Wool Sock!

And the Those Crazy Kitties The Lone Star Cats Cap’n Travis the Terribull,One-Eyed Crockett Orange Beard and Anchors Aweigh Angelique….



 Well done to you all!It was a fun party and a fierce battle….but Somebunny or Somekitty had to win it!Mummy will be in touch with the winners for addresses so that we can send my treasure to you both!

Time To Vote For Ye Best Dressed Pirate!

Arrrrgh Tis Be Ye Cap’n Speedy of Thee SS Speedy!I here by Order Ye To Vote For Ye Best Dressed Pirate….Thee Winner Will Win a share Of me Treasure….Arrrghh Surely I be thee Best Cap’n of them all!

Ok Mummy had problems with getting a poll to work so we are Going back the the old fashioned way which is for you to say who is your Best Dressed Pirate in the comments below by quoting the Number allocated to each pirate you can also vote on my new Voting Facebook Event by liking the Entry. Voting will close on Saturday at Midnight and the winner will be Announced on my Sunday Selfies Post this Sunday!

1.Cap’n Prancie

2:Cap’n Clyde

3:Aunty Di’s Pirate Boy

4:Cap’n Hook Paw Fin

5:Cap’n Hermann Wool Sock

6:Pirates Lucky and Mandi

7:Nellie’s Crew Cap’n Marvelous and Ninja

8:Thee Overlook Twins

9:Cap’n Cathy Keisha

10:Cap’n Valentine and Princess Erin

11:Cap’n Terrible Ted

12:Cap’n Sam

13:The Lone Star Crew Cap’n Travis the Terribull,One Eyed Crocket Orange Beard,and Anchors Aweigh Angelique

14:The Westie Crew Cap’n Kinley,Furst Mate Finley the Fierce,and Barnacle Brinley


15:Cap’n Dante

16:Pirates Pierrot and Mermannie

Don’t Forget you have until midnight on Saturday to vote and you can vote on my Face Book Event here by like the entry!

                                   GOOD LUCK TO MY PIRATES!

Arrgh Me Heartys Tis time to Party ,Tis Talk like a Pirate Day!

From Zoolarty


Arrgh Me Heartys Tis Time to Party,Tis Talk like a Pirate day!Tis also the anniversary for when I became a real Pirate too!Do ye Like me Companion?Tis Kismet of Kyla Scot blog…..Every Pirate Captain needs a Parrot sidekick!

Thee Competition will run until 20th Sept on me Facebook Event and here on me Blog so all entries will be post here on this ‘ere pst and on me Facebook event. On thee 21st there be a new Voting post here and event on a Facebook event to decides who wins me treasure!

Now for some Pirate music…

Now tis time thee grog to quench ye thirst and to partake in thee grub to satify thee hunger in ye bellies!

For thee Meaties out there!

And for The Veggies…

Now Tis Time to Introduce to ye all thee pirates,Seadogs,Scallywag Kitties and Scoundrels and wenches at me party!

Tis Cap’n Prancie…..

Tis Cap’n Clyde……

Tis me Aunty Di’s Pirate boy…..

Tis Cap’n Hook Paw Finn……

Cap'n Hook FinTis Cap’n Hermann Wool Sock…..



Tis the Pirates Lucky and Mandi……

Tis Nellies Crew Cap’n Marvelous and Ninja…..

Tis thee Overlook Twins…….

Tis Cap’n Cathy Keisha…….

Tis Cap’n Valentin and his Princess Erin……

Tis Cap’n Terrible Ted…..

Tis Cap’n Sam…..

Tis Cap’n Travis the Terribull,One-Eyed Crockett Orange Beard and Anchors Aweigh Angelique…….

Tis Cap’n Kinley,Furst Mate Finley da Fierce ,and Barnacle Brinley……

Tis Cap’n Dante…..

Tis Pirate Pierrot and Mermannie……

Sunday Selfies…are you ready for My Pirate party?

Ok its time for Sunday selfies ,and I just wouldn’t look at the camera so this is as good as its going to get….hehehe

Now time to get on with the big Business of my Pirate party on Talk like a Pirate day which is on Wednesday!So far I have on one Entry to my Best Dressed Competition…..Come on you Pirates Where are you!

You can Enter by Posting your photos to my Facebook Event here or you can Email them to me at All photos entered will be posted both on my blog and on my Facebook Event!And when its finish they will all face a vote and the one with the most Votes will win my treasure!So get your entries in My Pirate Friends and get the party Started!


Sunday Selfies with The Cat on My Head

Pirate Party Business! And a sad Farewell To Captain Basil!

Tis time to start Planing Me Annual Pirate Party and thee Best Dressed Pirate Competition for Celebrating when I became a Pirate and for Talk like a Pirate Day……Tis September 19th so make ready with ye costumes or come thee 19th ye be walking thee Plank for sure!Come ye Salty Sea Dog and ye Scurvy Kitties and thee Scallywag Bunnies and all manner of Pirates and Send in ye photos to me at to win a share of me Treasure!

Tis With Great Sadness that we Say Farewell to a Fellow Captain….Captain Basil has Cross thee Rainbow Bridge to take Command of his on Ship to sail thee Heavens Above!Please make ye way to His Head Quarter to send ye well wishes to his Family BB HQ Announcement- Farewell Commander Basil 2002-2018

Our Hearts Joined the Thousand today for our Friend stopped running today!

Sunday Selfies:A day out at Tintagel

Hello it’s Sunday again so it’s time for Sunday Selfies but Today we have a selfie video instead of s photo…..don’t take any notice of my Daddy in the background….he’s a bit silly at times!You even get a peek of mummy too!

We had a day out at Tintagel and went to visit the Old Post Office which as and old Medieval House that dates to the 1400’s.This was the only video that was taken but we met some very interesting people.While we were there Yvette Fielding and her husband Karl Beattie from the TV program Most Haunted came to visit the place while they were down in Cornwall on holiday.Mummy and Daddy had a very nice chat with them and even got to talk to the resident spirits and then afterward they wanted to come and meet me!I have to say they are very nice and gave very nice scratches and pets too!What are the odds of meeting those two on their holiday?Its just that Mummy kicked herself for not getting any photos of that meeting after we left….Oh well never mind Mummy!

Sunday Selfies with The Cat on My Head

Sunday Selfies Catchup

Hi everyone ,its Sunday Selfies again so I thought this would be a good time to catch up seeing as I missed last weeks Sunday Selfies.

Last week mummy went off to visit her family in Holland where she also got to meet up with my Grandpaw ,her dad too.Of course daddy went too so this meant I had to go to a new sitters.I went to Noah’s Ark Petcare Bunny Hotel ,where I had lots of fun.The very nice ladies took lots of photos and videos and posted them on there Facebook page so mummy and daddy could see how I was doing.

Here are the photos they posted….

my first night followed by the next day…

And here’s My Selfie that the ladies asked me to take….

Next up is the links for the videos that the ladies posted on their Facebook page….

Speedy checking out the outside run!

Morning Speedy!

Lunchtime Alfresco!

Of course for the first time ever I had to punish Mummy and Daddy and I finally finished that on Friday after having a couple of adventures with them,heres one of them….

Today I’m Dedicating my post to my Buddy Purrince Siddhartha, you can see his last Selfie here with this Graphic from Aunty Ann over at Zoolarty


Sunday Selfies with The Cat on My Head