lets help Phinny get a christmas Miracle!

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On thursday I read about Phinny at Savannah’s blog. Phinny’s  story touched my heart as Savannah wrote her first post about him.
Phinny’s story, is a sad story,  what probably had ended sad too , but fortunately there were helping hands.

People of Contra Costa Humane Society  rescued Phineas, the Pittie mix,  from a kill shelter. They collected donations for his surgery, because
he  has been hit in his face with a bat or a similar instrument. Sorry, that I can’t  write about the details, but my tears are running while I
write this post, but you can klick on the links above to read what happened to Phineas, aka Phinny.

To make a long  story short, many people had a heart for Phinny, they donated money and they lined up to be put on
the list for adopting Phinny after his surgery.

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