Captain Speedy’s Annual Pirate Party….Arrrgh Shipmates Tis Time For Thee Party!

Arrgh Me Hearty’s tis time for thee Moment ye ‘ave been waiting for!

So let’s give these landlubbers The Greatest Show and Let’s get thee Party Start!

This way me fine Seadogs ,kittehs,Bunnehs to the Grog!Drink ye Thirst away!Ye Have Grog…Rum…and More!

Hoist Ye Colours!

Arrgh Shiver Me Timbers!

Now Then Gather round ye scurvy Pirates and Feast to ye Heart Content!

 Now for more of Ye Fine Dancing Shipmates!

Ye Be ‘aving a Blast!

Dance Ye Scurvy Dogs!

Tis Time for ye all to me Thee Pirates of this ‘ere shindig!

Meet thee scariest pair Captain Sweet William The Scot and his Mate Kismet the Parrot!

That Salty Seadog ‘imself EASY!

Now We have Thee Gentleman of thee pirates! Captain Sammy!

‘ere we have Thee Prince of the High Sea’s  Pirate Purrince Siddhartha Henry!

Thee Sheltie of thee high seas Captain Dakota!

Next we ‘ave thee Kitty scourge of thee seas Captain Cody!

‘ere we ‘ave a fine pair of Scallywags pirate Jack and….

Pirate Tricky from Gentlestiches

Tis Captain Todd ready to sail the high seas! This be ‘is facebook page Todd the Bunny

Tis Scowlin’ Lea Scar (Ellie) of  Friends Furever Cat Blog! with….

Capt’n Lindsey Snaggletooth (Allie) and……

Capt’n Diego Poopdeck (Raz)!

‘ere is Shipmate Pirate O’ Jonnie from 15 and

Tis Anya of the High Seas! And her Shipmates Greedy Gracie of Goodness Gracie

She makes a fine Serving Wench!

More Grog and rum for thee scallywags!

Tis Thee Star of Thee Ocean….Tis Captain Sushi! and this is her instagram @mysassysushi

Tis Captain Basil Blackheart and Crewmate Amber and the Crew of thee Crimson Revenge!

Tis Me Dearest Queen of the Seas Captain Nellie! Me Dearheart Does she Not Look Most Beautiful?

Tis Captains PipoFang! and Minko “Ahoy! We Bees Motley Marineezers Two,With a Galleon,too,We sail the seas,And raid thee shores,Of islands and keyes!Then we”ll sail some mores….Ahoy!Avast!We’ll Have a Blast!!Yargh!!Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day!

 Tis Captain Pipofang!…

 And tis Captain Minko!….

With thee Sir Jack Swashbuckler thee Barkeneer!!! What a fine Crew they Be!

Next We ‘ave Captain Qtip Gray!

With Shipmate Felix Gray! She be a Feisty wench!Watch out for thee pistols!

Next We ‘ave thee Crew of Catwisdom 101!

And Next is the scourge of the seas Miss Captain Cathy Keish!

Captain Andy Mclntyre!He be late to thee Party,but he be a fine addition!


Captain Speedy the Cheeky House Bunny!


19 responses

  1. oh what a pawty!!!! I love the sausage ships! I grab me one and oooh that fab drinks…. hope I find the way home tonight LOL….thanks for being such a fab Captain, you made your crew very happy today!!! btw: williams blinking eye is great!!!!

  2. Speedy you have the BEST Pirate Pawty of the Blogs. Yarrr we are so glad we stopped by to sample yer HUGE Grog assortment that make a cat dizzy wit the drinkin. The noms were tasty too me hearty! Purrs from the Crew
    Terrible Tim and his Fearless Family

  3. The best Pirate party ever! After we were done scraping the barnacles off our old computer, we sailed right over to rub elbows with you and the other scalawags. Thank you, Speedy! *clicking mugs* Here’s to you and your rum!

  4. Ahoy and avast! What a huge array of grub and provisions for all!
    Th’ parrrty be right swell indeeddy! Argghh! We be a thinking thar can not be any plank sailin’ cause ye already used all th’ planks to spread th’ grub upon. MOL/BOL/SOL (Squeak out loud…) And a mighty fine gathering of the swabs, and wenches all be here too! Gotta sail away fast now, we have to rope in our petcretary to make a post in our blog…hah! Yargghhhh!!

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