Day 2 of my Annual Christmas and Holiday Countdown

It’s time again For my Christmas and Holiday Countdown.Everyday there will be a Christmas and Holiday post and I want you to join in the fun by sending in your photos of your furry friends with your Christmas trees and decorations,Your Menorahs and any other Holiday that is happening.You can even wear your Christmas costume and Hats or holiday wear.You need to send them in to my mum at or you can post them straight here at Speedy’s Annual Christmas and Holiday Countdown Facebook Event .You know the drill by now because those of you that send in your photos will be entered into my giveaway where my favourite 3 entries will get a gift sent out after the Holidays to keep the Holiday Cheer going a bit longer!So make sure you join in!!!!!

Now let’s get on with the countdown…..oh and its Sunday selfies too wow a busy day today.We have some guest today with Sam and Elsa from The Tails Around the Ranch and they are selfies to so its in keeping with Sunday Selfies too….

Don’t they make the cutest Elves?Ok now for some of my Christmas House starting with the Tea light that mummy brought home from our holiday she found a home for it in the Kitchen….

And here is the tree in the kitchen,there is so much more but you will have to wait till tomorrow to see a bit more….

Oh and I had better add a selfie of me too before I forget,this is one of me from last year…..

This was exactly one year ago today out on and adventure to Arlington Court and yes the weather is the same again….sigh…..

And the Card count has started I have 2 paper cards and 1 Ecard while mummy has 2 paper cards…..see you tomorrow


Sunday Selfies with The Cat on My Head

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