Reggie the Hedgehog UPDATE!

Reggie The Hedgehog Up Date!


Well remember the little fella that Mum and Dad rescued?Well we fed him/her and gave him/her a few nest options which Reggie decided under the shed was the perfect spot to nest under.We also fed Reggie until Christmas Day as after that Reggie decided to hibernate for the rest of the winter.

Mummy continued to leave dry cat food and meal worms and fresh water under the shed for him/her in case Reggie woke up.

Well the last couple of weeks we began hearing about Hedgehog sightings on the internet and in the local town….but no sign of Reggie….But yesterday mummy checked the food and water bowls….and guess what? Some of the cat biscuits and all the meal worms were gone and the water bowl had been disturbed too!

And when mummy brought the bowls in to clean and refill she saw little hedgehog paw prints on the side of the bowl.Mum was hoping she wasn’t wrong and that Reggie had woken up.So with that hope she refilled the bowls with fresh food and water…..only this time she put wet cat food with some cat biscuits and meal worms on top and put them under the shed!

Well the good News is Reggie has definitely woken up….The bowl was practically empty when mummy checked it this afternoon… the bowls have been refilled and put back under the shed.The down side is its gone like winter again…..we had a big hail storm and it turned everything white and there is snow on the moors!What a time for Reggie to wake up!Still we shall keep feeding him/her because Hedgehogs can lose almost half their body weight when they hibernate.So for the next few weeks we will fatten Reggie up before opening up the back garden so that he/she has a good start.Then Reggie can explore the front garden as well and then leave or stay if he or she wants too,But for now we will give you regular updates and mummy said she will try to get a photo if she can.But we think at the moment Reggie is just chowing down on the food we are giving and then going back to sleep as He/She must be pretty weak from Hibernating… watch out for more Up Dates!

Disapproving Bun Day will be back Next week!


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    • Only when he has regained the weight he has lost,there is very little in the way of food right now that hedgehogs normally eat in the wild.we even had snow and hail yesterday,so mum refilled the feeders for the birds too and fresh water with in 10 mins of the refill the bird were their for their banquet as it was so cold.all the wild life needs a little help at the moment,xx Speedy

    • well it kind of depends on whether Reggie is a girl or a boy…if Reggie is a girl there is a good chance that Reggie will stay and raise babies….if Reggie is a boy then its likely that eventually he will trundle off looking for the girls but possibly popping back for snacks every so often,xx Speedy

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