Its time for a Speedy adventure!

I had a pawsome day Friday ,I had fun at my favourite Beach!

And I left lots of bunny prints in the sand!and then I got to go in my Stroller while mummy went to town for some fish and chips to eat by the beach and I got lots of pets and attention from the local Pawparazzi too!

Now its nearing the time for my Annual Christmas and Holiday Count Down so get yourselves ready with your photos of you with Christmas trees,Menorahs and any other holiday stuff cause its starts December 1st and daily posts right till Christmas Day!So send them into me at or you can post them on my Facebook event when it starts and remember my favourite 3 will get a Christmas present sent out after the New year!

                            Remember I Need You all this Holiday Season!


Sunday Selfies with The Cat on My Head


One response

  1. Oh Speedy, that looks like a most FABulous day at the beach! I just loves your bunny prints!!!!
    Oh, I gots to get Ma to do my pictures! She’s been slackin’ lately…sigh.
    Oh, and I just loooooves your blue sweater!
    Ruby ♥

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